A Comprehensive Microsoft To Do Review

What exactly is Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft To Do happens to be a robust task management application for individuals and companies who like to monitor simple tasks. It comes with a simple and intuitive interface which allows you to prepare, maintain, and also share task lists along with collaborators. It also enables you to organize as well as label those tasks into manageable folders. The application includes functional icons which allow you to add innovative tasks plus reminders and also create new lists.

Apart from this, Microsoft To Do enables you to add colours and themes to every single list for purposes of classification. This software can also boast of having a smart algorithm which verifies your tasks and suggests the most significant one for the day. The best thing is that this application is absolutely free and provides a plethora of articles, guidelines, and walk-throughs for helping the users to become familiar with it.

Who is Microsoft To Do meant for? 

It is a fact that this product is not intended for large projects necessarily. It is also not actually designed for small projects. Chances are that you will not be using this application for fleshing out the management plan of your project or for keeping the whole team on track.

It is for sure that one can use Microsoft To Do in connection with some other project management tools; however, this is not going to be your primary software. This application will be ideal for single users and their individual projects will be managing their day-to-day tasks.

The features of Microsoft To Do

  1. Task scheduler

This is something for which the application is actually meant for. Apart from helping you to create your main tasks, it also helps you to create subtasks that will allow you to monitor the intricacies of anything you like to achieve.

  1. Document storage

This application consists of an innovative file upload field in every single individual task consisting of images, documents, and other file types.

  1. File sharing

Apart from enabling you to upload files for every task, Microsoft To Do also allows every task to be shareable with the other users of the app.

  1. Budgeting features

You will not come across any budgeting features provided by this application.

Pricing of Microsoft To Do

It is a fact that Microsoft To Do is available for free which it ought to be. In case many other project management vendors out there provide task lists as well as other fundamental features for free, then it is not going to be much for Microsoft to perform the same. You simply need to download the app for free and sign up into your Microsoft account and that’s all!


Is there any free version of Microsoft ToDo?

It is a fact that Microsoft To Do is totally free. You simply need to visit the Apple App or Google Play Store, download the application, and then create a new Microsoft account or log in to an already existing one.

What types of projects and teams work best with the application?

While this app is primarily utilized by individual project team members for keeping their personal work on track, it is actually not intended for large teams as well as intricate projects. On the other hand, it is actually recommended for the individual users out there.

What type of customer support is offered by Microsoft To Do?

All types of customer supports are offered by this application which includes written tutorials, contact forms, tips, as well as help guides. It is quite surprising that the support Center of such a user-friendly and simple application is so remarkable.

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