Miller and Carter’s London Steakhouse Menu Prices


The price at Miller & Carter’s is a little high, but there are cheaper alternatives. You could try CAU, a less expensive steakhouse with a more creative starter and non-steak menu. In addition, your money would go a lot further at CAU.

Miller & Carter steakhouses are a chain of steakhouses

The chain of steakhouses, known as Miller & Carter, sells steaks from British farms. They claim their steaks are aged seven to 21 days and are fully traceable from field to plate. The chain claims it sells over one million steaks each year. The company was founded in 2006 and had more than 100 branches in the UK. Its flagship Hawksmoor branch sells 750,000 steaks every year.

The chain has locations in many UK cities. Its new restaurant in Tynemouth is expected to open at midday on Friday. The chain already has branches in Newcastle, Sunderland and Gosforth Park. In addition to serving steak, Miller & Carter serves lamb, chicken and ribs. Customers can also enjoy a selection of wines and cocktails.

They are cheaper than CAU

The menu prices at Miller and Carter are lower than CAU, but the quality is just as good. The steaks at this restaurant are aged on the bone for seven to 21 days, and the company claims its steaks are fully traceable from field to fork. Founded in 2006, the company has 116 branches in the UK, with 750,000 steaks sold annually.

They have a similar menu to Gaucho.

If you’re looking for a steakhouse in London, you may have been to one of Gaucho’s predecessors, but if you prefer something cheaper, try Miller and Carter. This chain has a similar menu to Gaucho, but its prices are slightly lower. Nevertheless, the restaurant’s quality is excellent, and the staff is very attentive.

The restaurant’s CEO, Oliver Meakin, is in good spirits, sitting in one of the restaurants in Piccadilly. Meakin insists it’s business as usual despite being in the spotlight for months. And his customers seem to agree.

The group had to look for a buyer for its two restaurants, Gaucho and Cau, as it was on the brink of going into administration if it couldn’t find a buyer. In the meantime, the tax bill was estimated at PS1m. Meakin said that the company managed the sale process and had received ten offers.

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