Montane Icarus Jacket – Is it Best jacket for you!

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Montane Icarus Jacket is every man’s favorite. Winter is a time when you can wear stylish jackets and coats and flaunt your fashion sense. If you think only girls have multiple options for fashion, then you are absolutely wrong. Here I remember a famous line which can match in this context, that is why girls should have all the fun.

Though boys have very limited options for fashionMontane Icarus Jacket can give them a new stylish look. I purchased the jacket for my elder brother, and he quite likes that. I purchased the jacket online. The jacket is very light weighted and very comfortable.

Purchase the Montane Icarus Jacket online

Are you looking for a lightweights premium jacket? If yes, Montane Icarus Jacket is the right one for you. It will keep you warm in winter. You can carry it to the hill station as it is very light weighted and one jacket is enough to deal with chilled winter. I was very surprised when I bought the Icarus jacket and saw the weight; it is just 581 grams, can you imagine? And the pack is so small which can fit anywhere.

Multiple color variations are available. Very comfortable and good for skin as well. Highly breathable, the best part is it gets dry very quickly after the wash. The PEAQ synthetic ECO lining is very comfortable. The cuffs and hems are adjustable. According to your size, you can adjust it as per your own choice. The hood can be removed if you want, it is adjustable.

Online shopping provides you with multiply benefits in comparison to physical shops. The price is lesser than the shop because there is no third party who will take the commission. So my advice is if you want to buy the Montane Icarus Jacket, try online first. Choose your size after receiving try it; if you need one size, small or bigger, go for the exchange option. The delivery boy will come and pick it up from your door, wHich is quite impossible in the shop. It can handle -3 degree temperature as well.

Montane Icarus Jacket

Those who do not know about the  Montane Icarus Jacket, let me tell you that Montane is a famous British clothing British brand. The main aim of the Montane is to manufacture innovative and comfortable clothing which can be worn for any purpose. Whether you are at an office party or going for a hill station trip everywhere. The jacket has two zipped pockets. Gives you a very stylish look.

The company was established 25 years back. Apart from the Icarus jacket, they have multiple other variations as well. The company is located in Ashington, United Kingdom. It is one of the most famous clothing industries in the UK. When the company was started, it had only 30 employees, but now the strength is stronger. It generates $18.30 million after the sale.


Various online sites are available that sell the Montane Icarus Jacket. The price may vary from one site to another. Now those days are gone when people were used to searching for their favorite brand in different shops and giving trials to buy. Now everything is available online. You can read the live feedback from the customers as well. So hurry up and grab the Icarus jacket.


Montane Ltd based in which country?

The company Montane Ltd is based in the United Kingdom.

When the company started its manufacturing?

The company started its manufacturing for 25 years.

What is the duration of returning an item?

It is 90 days of returning an item.

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