MSN Sports App – 7 Exclusive Features of the Power Packed Sports App


MSN Sports App has put together exactly what you need. All in one place. Get everything, from news to scores of thousands of teams, in real-time with a simple interface. The app comes loaded with all new features that will never let you miss a beat. The real-time updates of games allow the user to set personalized favourites, easy to follow fixtures of the app makes it easy to read scores and keep track of the rankings without making a lot of effort. It works just as the tagline says, “Be in a league of your own.”



Extensive coverage of sports:

The app has listed over 150+ leagues and thousands of teams from various Msn Sports App on its platform. Never look anywhere else for scores now. Including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, MLS, PGA NASCAR, Formula One, Cricket, Tennis, International Football Leagues like EPL/Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Champions League, Europa League, and many many more, are available on the app.


It’s an all-in-one deal with an easy to navigate menu that makes scrolling between different pages easier with its personalized menu and shortcuts for adding favourites.


  1. Latest News and Headlines:

Never be late in updating yourself with the world of sports. Get the latest sports news from the various reliable resources in one space, in a browse- friendly arrangement.


Get custom-tailored information and news about the teams and leagues, based on your preferences. Find detailed sports analysis based on the games you choose, right at your fingertips.


  1. Live Match Informations:

Real-time scoreboard updates, get real-time updates concerning your favourite matches, NBA, MLB, NCAA Football, Cricket, Basketball, etc.


  1. Personalized Content:

Never miss a notification on your favourite all-rounder app. Sign in with your account to keep your preferences, latest score tally, and news saved for the future. Explore all you need to know about sports and personalize your app preferences accordingly. Browse the latest photos and video-clips in the gallery. Organize your dashboard to show what you want to see.


  1. In-depth Scoreboards:

Get after-game analysis or detailed discussions about your favourite teams and players. Learn more about your favourites from more than 150 leagues, thousands of clubs, and sports teams.


  1. Omnipresent Application:

The MSN Sports app allows its user to access and sync their app on various platforms. The app is available for iOS and Android. Users can auto-sync their pre-set favourites setting on the web and the mobile app.


  1. Navigate Smoothly:

The MSN Sports app allows browsing your news and updates from the application menu with easy to follow navigation, swipe through the content like a breeze. Sail through the app to explore your favourite sports news and articles.



The MSN Sports app is a complete package for the sports enthusiast. It is best for people who are always in a rush and busy to get their daily dose of entertainment and sports. The Msn Sports App allows the user to save their personalized settings and sync them between web and app. Personal settings help the app to keep track of what the user wants to see.


Is the app available for my iPhone?

MSN Sports app for mobile is available for both platforms iOS and Androids.

Is this Sports app from Microsoft group free for use?


Can you get your favorite team's cricket updates on this app?

Yes, you can.

Can you watch NBA's live score on the app?


How to sync my preferred setting on my laptop?

Now you can easily sync your setting on MSN Sports App.

Can you watch videos and photos on the app?


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