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Technology plays a vital role in sports. Do you hear about MSN Sports app? Internet and social media have forced us to change our perception. Are you a sports fan like me? If yes, then I am 100% sure that you are missing the live cricket on the ground. I saw IPL in the Sports app. Sports lovers like me know the value of the mobile app.

The sports app will let me know about the game’s ins and outs. Get all the score related news and the statistics of your favourite team. Now you will get to know about the real gaming updates of the team. The fixtures and rankings are easy to follow. You will get all the latest news related to your favourite teams and leagues.


MSN is the web portal which related to the internet services collection. MSN has its own web portal and app for Android and Windows. These are provided by Microsoft and launched on 24th August 1995. It is the same release date if Windows 95.


Get the full coverage- with this MSN app; you will get full coverage of 150+ Leagues and multiple teams like NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA, PGA, MLS, EPL/Premier League, cricket, tennis, Champions League, international football. Recent scores, fixtures, and rankings you will get updated from the app



Enjoy the personalized content


Download the MSN Sports app and enjoy the personalized content. Get up-to-date news and stats from your favourite team. This app is for all; you will get everything in just one app. Adjust download the app and sign in to save the preferences


Up to date news


The MSNSports app scans all the top headlines from trusted providers across the world. You can read the league related news and team news from CBS Sports, Fox Sports, USA today sports, ESPN, and many more.


Get the live updates


MSN sports app is for both the android and iPhone users. You can get all the live game updates for MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, cricket.


MSN Sports launched date


MSN sports was released on 26th October 2012. Microsoft launched the app and also redesigned the MSN web portal in 2014. MSN sports is originally known as Bing sports. It displays multiple sports scores and provides multiple sports news from various league across the world. On my mobile, you will find multiple sports apps, but my favourite one is MSN Sports. I can watch multiple colourful photos and can watch slideshows. I can track my favourite team by selecting various topics.


Features of MSN Sports


  • News: Get all the top headlines to get access to top stories of sports.


  • Schedule: Can access all the upcoming matchups and watch the team schedule and full league.


  • Scores: It scans all the recent scores and gets all the details of the game.


  • Statistics: get to know about the team statistics from MSM sports.


  • Best of the web – MSN sports is one of the best of web and powerful website



I suggest every sports lover watch MSN and enjoy sports. In this pandemic, people get bored in their homes; mobile is the only entertainment they can have. So if you too want entertainment in your life without any delay, just go and watch sports, or you can download the app as well.


When were MSN sports launched?

On 26th October 2012, MSN Sports was launched.

Who is the owner of MSN Sports?

Microsoft is the owner of MSN Sports.

What are the operating systems of MSN sports?

Windows, Android, and Windows phone, iOS.

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