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Does Monk News want to talk about being profitable through blogging? I want to find out this. To read more about the news click here.

Naija Newsnow – Well, it was merely a blurb but a great hit for the two featured sites. The good news, it is not just media hype; people do make money blogs. Some of you may know that, but if you act like you are like me and you just began, maybe you haven’t realized your full potential yet. I believe in the three months I have been running a blog, I have made $12. Achievement paying any bills, however, but I am having fun.

The very first featured blog is a wines blog, Blog Terroirist. Achieving 6 000 people per month, David White posts regarding daily wine news, and yes, he does, which daily. He also has every week interviews with wine manufacturers and is published in many popular publications. He doesn’t state which came—first, the actual writer or the blogger.

Naija Newsnow – However, the wine enthusiast is undoubtedly generally there. He is also proof which, while good advice to include your keywords in the blog’s title, maybe you can have a great blog without your key phrases in it. Mind you. It won’t enable you to get any SEO points; almost all scorecards will always state you are less than what you depend on your title alone. However, does that matter if you have readers? I think not.

Another featured blog was Younger House Love. Their latest post, just posted these days, already has almost your five 000 comments, but it is a contest. If you are interested in blogs, this is a model to take a look at. Companies and press came to these people; they only blogged, showing friends and family how their house makeovers were coming along.

Naija Newsnow – Precisely what started as a way to stay in family experience has become a full-time job intended for both of them. As they bring up their young family and work towards their home, they have found a means to pay attention to what is important to them to create a living doing it.

The best part involving both of these blogs? They were both equally started at WordPress’s cost-free blog and grew to the third stage. Young house love still employs WordPress to run their site for some reason, even if it is only a template similar to mine.

Naija Newsnow – So there you have it, it’s not all hype, but it refuses to happen overnight. And sure, you should enjoy what you do. If a chore, why is anyone doing it? Isn’t that precisely what “work” is for?