Natural Anti-Aging Creams

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When you think about your aging skin, do you imagine there must be something out there that can smooth out those wrinkles without any side effects or without having to endure invasive surgery? Do you want to have injections of Botox, a dangerous chemical, injected into the skin on your face? Yet, most of us gaze into the mirror and lift our skin with our fingertips, imagining how we would look without those aging lines and wrinkles. If you like what you see when you do this, an anti-wrinkle cream is out there for you that will not harm your body, cause pain, or make your condition worse. Find the Best Anti aging cream.

Some of those chemicals in an anti-wrinkle cream may contain ingredients that irritate and redden the skin. A quality, natural anti-aging cream will contain ingredients from the earth, not from a chemist’s lab. Toxic chemicals are a big no-no in today’s anti-wrinkle cream market.

When searching for a quality anti-aging cream that will reduce those noticeable expression lines, spots, pigmentation discolorations, and other environmentally caused conditions of the skin, in particular those signs of sun exposure, one key ingredient to look for when investigating a cream for your aging skin is Argireline, which is the brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

Argireline is the best alternative to getting Botox injections because it works similarly but in cream. It is a peptide, as Botox is, but the string of peptides contained in Argireline is not as long. Effective creams for use should contain at least 10% Argireline, though some contain as much as 25%, even a concentration of 5% will work for many women to achieve optimum results. This ingredient is not toxic and is very safe, with no side effects reported in studies.

Adding Argireline to a line of products, such as the Ageless Derma Anti-Wrinkle cream products, will help eliminate the appearance of Crow’s feet around the eyes, smooth fine lines, reduce puffiness, lighten dark circles under the eyes, and firm the skin up. Argireline is integrated into an anti-aging cream, and other ingredients, and it works; itlarly to Botox by making the muscles around your facial areas slower to make expressions known was wrinkle making areas, such as smile and frown lines.

This ingredient tells the neurotransmitters in our brain to slow down and smooth the muscles that show these age lines on the face. The cream containing this ingredient is applied to the areas of concern, such as Crow’s feet, frown lines, smile lines, and other wrinkles on the face. The cream containing this ingredient is rubbed into the skin and goes on quite smoothly.

Wrinkles are caused by various factors: changes in collagen conformation, elastin polypeptide degradation, and problems with the skin’s lipid matrix, many of these causes being related to the simple fact of aging. But we don’t have to look at our age if we don’t want to! Many look 10 to even 20 years younger because they use natural anti-aging creams with Argireline.

If you are unsure which anti-aging cream to use, check with your dermatologist for advice. Your doctor knows your skin, perhaps even better than you do. You will also most likely be given some good advice concerning ways to look younger in addition to using a cosmetic cream. Drinking a lot of water, not smoking or drinking alcohol, eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep, and staying clear of the sun or at least using a good sunscreen are all excellent nuggets of advice to keep in mind when thinking of ways to keep your skin and body looking younger and healthier.

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