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Sarah, this coup in Niger took many by surprise. Niger had long been seen as a stable democratic security partner to which the US had invested hundreds of millions in military and development aid – not to mention agriculture subsidies – over recent decades.


Get up-to-date news on Nigeria, West Africa’s most populous nation. Stay informed about politics, crime, social movements, and economic issues through Naija sources. Premium Times is an award-winning news site known for its investigative journalism that holds those in power accountable.

Nigerian police arrested over 100 individuals suspected of staging a gay wedding ceremony in Delta state. Spokesman Bright Edafe stated that such actions “can never be tolerated in society” and suggested charges would be laid after further investigations; however, some men claimed they were fashion designers, photographers, or models invited to an event.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram extremists have killed and displaced thousands in northeast Nigeria, proclaiming Western education to be sinful and attempting to implement Islamic law. A volunteer book drive has taken place to keep affected children informed.

On Friday morning during Friday prayers at a mosque in Kano, part of its building collapsed and injured hundreds. Mayor Suleiman Adnan-Lamido has called for calm among residents. Some were taken to hospital with severe injuries while the rescue operation is ongoing – according to The Associated Press reports, Boko Haram militants remain active nearby.


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Fulham are in talks to sign Arsenal Hale End Academy product Alex Iwobi before the transfer window closes later this month. Fulham wants Iwobi, a Nigeria international, permanently after his season-long loan spell at their club.


Nigeria is one of Africa’s premier entertainment destinations, boasting an array of genres spanning music to sports. Home to some of the world’s finest performers, such as musicians and actors alike, Nigeria boasts a unique cultural identity.

NewsNow Nigeria provides all your political news and celebrity gossip needs – political or celebrity gossip! With its dedicated team of journalists providing objective reporting, its content is accurate and trustworthy, and an intuitive navigation interface enables readers to locate what they’re searching for quickly.

Kayode Salako, Foluke Daramola’s husband, told reporters he knew about her marriage with businessman Demola Adesiyan before it was publicized. He advised both of them to maintain their relationship discreetly. Speaking directly to reporters, Kayode Salako urged both individuals involved to carry privacy in their relationship.

Divine Ikubor, aka Rema of Nigerian singer Divine Ikubor, has reached yet another milestone. His chart-topping song ‘Calm Down’ featuring Selena Gomez became the first music video in YouTube history to garner over 100 million views. As part of this achievement, Divine urged his fans not to succumb to negative people that come their way but instead “keep dreaming, working hard and believing in themselves.” Additionally, he advised patience when facing challenges along their life journeys.


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