Office word online and it’s best features!

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Office word online does one of the essential parts and most of the companies prefer it! Office 365 is the online version of Microsoft Word. Almost every person who is using the computer for the last thirty years they are very much accustomed to the PowerPoint, word, excel. Millions of modern people use this tool to communicate and build documents and also balance the book as well. But there are lots more things to know, especially since the office 365 was released.

Office word online was launched in the year 2001. It is the cloud-based and subscription-based Microsoft office version. Office 365 is consists of the same application as the traditional one, like excel, office, includes the word, outlook, PowerPoint. Depend on the purchased plan; it may also include other apps and services too. For example, Skype, SharePoint, exchange, one drive, etc. During the licensing of office 365, you will get multiple types of packages. Different versions are available like multi-user households, personal use, businesses, education institutions.


How is it different from the previous office version?


Office word online is a subscription-based service. So it basically means rather than buying the copy for one time, you can pay for a monthly subscription fee to access the service as per their usage level. I have been using the office 365 subscription version, and I get the updated version always. But if you have purchased it by paying for it once will again have to buy the new copy of the current edition to use the latest features. Office word online is the cloud-based first application. This app’s desktop version is available with a certain plan. These are designed to use online.

All the services, applications, data are generated by the office 365 and hosted on the server of Microsoft. The user does not have to install any software or hardware Maintainance. Office 365 comes with the cloud storage space, email hosting. As a result, the latest version of the office also comes with cloud storage space and email hosting. Users of the office 365 host the online files easily and also have access to use it from any device anywhere, anytime. Make sure the Device should connect with the internet. It is cloud-based.


Features of Office word online


  • Real-time co-authoring ( excel, word, PowerPoint)
  • You can chat with co-workers in the office app
  • Links can be inserted easily and send the entire file to the co-workers
  • Power map in excel
  • Comes with Microsoft planner with the workflow
  • Self Decluttering Smart Inbox
  • Can resume the reading feature


Pros and cons of the Office word online


  • The Office word online allows the worker to access the email and documents from anywhere, anytime
  • The cloud-based application saves the time of your IT team by providing updates and troubleshooting.
  • Once you take the subscription model, you will be able to save the money
  • Once you switch to office 365, prepare yourself for the cloud computing
  • It is cost-effective
  • Easy file access
  • Email is accessible and affordable too




  • The online application might have limited options
  • When you store the data in the cloud, it makes the data vulnerable to the security threat
  • You will have to pay the subscription continuously till the time you use it


How can I purchase the office 365 subscription?

Microsoft 365 subscription can be purchased from Microsoft.

What type of file can you edit with the Office Online?

Two types of files you can edit, Docx, xlsx <5MB

Do I need any special license to edit the supporting documents in the office?

For this, you will need to have an active subscription of office 365 or a license that allows you to edit the office word online.

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