Is Olde London Fish and Chips Delivers the Original English style Fish and Chips?



Olde London Fish and Chips are a restaurant based in London, Ontario, at 561 Southdale Road East. It has been serving up mouth-watering delicacies since 1994. The name of the restaurant is taken from the street where it is located. The establishment offers a variety of fish and chips to its patrons.

Olde London Fish And Chips

Enjoy a Grand Opening Celebration at Olde London Fish and Chips

If you visit London in July and August, Olde London Fish and Chips will be hosting a grand opening celebration. During this special occasion, expect a lot of outdoor activities. You may attend the opening ceremony or stroll through the premises as part of the grand opening festivities.

There will also be live music, contests, and other events going on at the restaurant. During this period, you can also enjoy a variety of unique dishes on the menu.

The Great taste and location of Olde London Fish and Chips

To enjoy great-tasting food, you must try the various appetizers offered. You can also have a real taste of authentic British food while having your dinner. Aside from this, you can also have home delivery of your favorite dishes.

The atmosphere & surroundings of the restaurant are very relaxing and soothing. There are tables and chairs placed in a semicircle around the table. A customer will be served immediately after the ordering process. This is also an ideal place for intimate dinners with family and friends.

The specialty of the Olde London Fish and Chips

Their specialty is the delicious chowder that they serve with the fish. This dish uses the famous Brie cheese and various types of spices to give the dish a unique taste. In addition to the chowder, the restaurant offers fish and chips bite. These bites are also a favorite of people who love chowder.

Olde London Fish And Chips

The Olde London Fish and Chips menu features dishes with a pea-and-pea mixture. You can also get a chance to taste the fish used in the mix. Aside from the traditional ingredients like Brie and potato, there are many exciting new ingredients used to create delightful dishes. These ingredients include kale, celery, fennel, lemon balm, ginger, mustard seeds, and garlic. You can try out a wide array of these ingredients to choose your favorite one.

Aside from the food, customers will also have a chance to experience the Olde London Fish and Chips, staff. To ensure that each customer is treated according to the highest quality standards, the employees are well trained to make customers feel at home while enjoying their food.

If you want to be happy with your dining experience, you must be impressed by the Olde London Fish and Chips staff. They are friendly, helpful, and efficient in their approach to taking care of customers.

Unique Dishes at Olde London Fish and Restaurant

There are several different kinds of Olde London Fish and Chips dishes that you can try if you decide to dine at the restaurant. You can start with a simple Traditional batter-fried fish or try some of the other exciting dishes such as steamed fish, crab cakes, or grilled prawns. If you have a particular favorite, they are sure to have it on their menu.

In addition to the numerous delicious dishes on the menu, the Olde London Fish and Chips restaurant has also got plenty of drinks and beverages available for your consumption. They offer several kinds of mixed drinks, some of which you might find interesting.

You can have the option of trying the different types of mixed drinks in either a traditional recipe or even a modern version. Whatever you taste it, you are sure to enjoy it when you dine at this fine dining restaurant. The service is also top-notch, with staff able to cater to any patron’s need. They serve the fresh and hot food and are always prepared to go.


If you want to learn more about the Olde London Fish and Chips restaurant, check out the restaurant reviews online. You will find a great deal of information on the restaurant, including specific details about the time of day you can order, the dishes they offer, and the price.

If you want to get a taste of history, you can try the Olde London Fish and Chips. Aside from serving authentic fish and chips, it also has the feel of an old fish and chip parlor. It is truly one of the best places to take your family or friends on a night out.

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Who is the owner of Olde London Fish and Chips?

Brenda Phillips is the owner of Olde London Fish and Chips.

What is the contact no. of Olde London Fish and Chips?

519 681 6644 is the contact no. of Olde London Fish and Chips.