OneNote App – One of the Best Featured and Flexible Tools!

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Day by day, the need for digital notebook apps like OneNote App is increasing at a very fast pace. They are offered by Dropbox, Box and Google Drive. To beat the loopholes, The OneNote app by Microsoft has proved to be among exclusive choices.


Onenote App Beating Evernote


In terms of technology, seniority does not matter a lot. But, whenever it comes to the point of placing the entry of Microsoft ahead of its rivals; sorting through some of the top digital notebook entries will be the best step.


OneNote being an exclusively featured and flexible tool nips on the heels of Evernote. It outperforms Evernote in terms of some exclusive features that include:


  • Video recording
  • Conversion of handwriting to text
  • Arranging of notes in the right manner


What are Some Exclusive Features of OneNote?


Being a highly recognized digital notebook, OneNote comprises of exclusive property of saving notes to the cloud followed by synchronizing them all across devices. It takes into usage OneDrive for these following purposes:


  • Cloud storage
  • Sharing space with other products of Microsoft Office
  • Additional files stashed into the cloud


The OneNote app supports macOS and Windows for desktops. For smart devices, it supports Android, Windows and iOS. If you are in dire need of accessing your notes from a computer system, then the feature of accessing the same through the browser is also available.


Instead of storing files in OneDrive, you can easily store them locally. As sync solely relies on the cloud, it will be easy to mix your ability to synchronize content between various devices. The ability of OneNote of creating a plethora of notebooks as desired followed by dividing then based on colour-coded pages and sections makes it highly popular.


It is great that the OneNote app offers unlimited flexibility in the following areas:


  • Creating exclusively designed pages
  • Permitting easy positioning of text along with tables and images


It makes it highly ideal for copying lecture and notes related to meeting from diagrams as well as whiteboards.


Addition of Voice and Video Made Easy with OneNote App


You will now be able to add voice and video to your notes with the help of an in-built feature of recording. Also, the OneNote app permits you to add videos from online reliable sources by simply inputting the source URL. The web clipper can be added as a browser add-on to Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. With the help of this add-on, you will be able to save web pages directly to OneNote to compile research works in a single place.


Adding call-outs along with annotations to your clippings will let you remember the reason for saving those clippings. As OneNote app is inclusive of a plethora of drawing tools, you will be able to draw a circle and any other desired shapes with ease. Drawing of doodles with the help of a stylus will be a small piece of cake.


With OneDrive, automating note collection has become easier with Zapier and IFTTT. You will be able to perform several operations that include sending attachments, key emails, upload photographs on Instagram and many more. OneNote integrates itself with Siri and Cortana that will let you speak your heartfelt thoughts and get them transcribed into text.


Is the OneNote app flexible with Office 365?

Yes, but in terms of sync features; you may have to come across a few difficulties. Immediate sync between desktop and cloud versions is hardly possible.

Does the OneNote app help in making collaboration easy?

Yes, OneNote is used all along with the organization for fulfilling a variety of requirements. The workbook can be easily utilized exclusively for creating a comprehensive manual that can be easily updated and shared with numerous users at the same point in time.

Can OneNote be used for saving screenshots?

Yes, being highly dynamic; OneNote can be utilized for saving screenshots.

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