The best in-depth OneNote iPad review

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OneNote is undoubtedly a powerful notepad app that can capture your ideas and save notes. It is a free note-taking app from Microsoft. To discuss the OneNote iPad review, we must have an overview of the Microsoft OneNote app.

Microsoft OneNote is the best note-taking apps for most people as it has almost all the essential requirements to be the best one. It is compatible with iPad, macOS, iPhone, and other Android devices. 

You can get the complete Microsoft office experience when you sign in it with your Microsoft account. This fantastic app will capture your thoughts, ideas, and discoveries. This OneNote iPad Review will simplify your overwhelming planning moments of life with your very own digital notepad on your iPad. 

OneNote iPad review: How does it start? 

To have a complete OneNote iPad review, we must know how it started. OneNote is a productive part of the Microsoft Office suite, which provides comprehensive note-taking features. 

Microsoft is the best tool developer company that always meets the requirements of its users. In 2003, Microsoft had announced and launched the OneNote app, but it was added to Microsoft Office in 2007. Since then, this app has gathered millions of users worldwide because of its unique features. 

But in the starting, OneNote is not compatible with the iPadMicrosoft launched the second version of OneNote for iPad on 1st July 2013. This version also contains remarkably updated features to be the best note-taking app for iPad

OneNote iPad review: Its workflow

The use of the OneNote iPad improves the workflow of the organization. OneNote app is compatible with almost all operating systems. It is excellent for note-taking as well as brainstorming and mind mapping. 

OneNote for iPad provides password protection for the current section in the app, but you cannot protect pages and notes. But it is necessary to remember your password while unlocking your messages in OneNote because there is no way to recover the forgotten password in OneNote

OneNote iPad review: The pros and cons

Being one of the most powerful apps, it comes with some advantages and problems too. OneNote iPad has some pros and cons, according to most of the users’ reviews. Here we have listed some in-depth pros and cons to having a comprehensive OneNote iPad review. 

There are some problems that the developers can solve to avoid bad reviews. The first problem is, it is a little complex to get used to OneNote on an iPad for new users. Secondly, OneNote is not able to add documents made by other applications.

The futuristic suggestion: OneNote iPad review

OneNote iPad must bring some fantastic features to improve its compatibility and usability. We hope in the coming years, the developers will provide more zooming percentages in the application. 

The OneNote iPad developers plan to include new features such as modern sync features, new meeting notes features, and some more. The tagging and mention feature of this OneNote iPad is missing. So in the future, the developers must plan to bring these new features. 

As the next generation is entirely dependent on digital applications, OneNote iPad will be an excellent option. OneNote iPad has no search integration feature, which the developers must plan to bring in the future. 

OneNote is the best note-taking apps on an iPad. This is a fast, reliable, and robust note-taking app. It has a fantastic note-taking feature and is rated as the killer app for education and work also. It is effortless to access. But some improvements are needed to this app, according to the OneNote iPad reviews. 


Is OneNote note-taking app free on iPad?

Yes, the OneNote app is absolutely free on iPad and also on other devices.

Can we save notes and pictures on OneNote on iPad?

Yes, we can save notes and pictures on OneNote on the iPad. These are saved to the drive or cloud of your iPad.

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