Online Exams in Covid-19


Few things in a student’s life are as terrifying as the thought of an exam. The word “examination” conjures up images of testing, questioning, and judgement, which may be a source of anxiety.

The success or failure of a single activity that may go well or horribly based on so many circumstances is not something anyone wants to be put on the spot for. There is a lot of power in examinations, but most of it comes from dread of the unknown. We can do something about it. Being well prepared for an activity removes a lot of the surprise from it. Having seen a film several times, you’re less likely to be surprised when the killer rushes out of the woods and strikes your favorite character, right?

Knowing a stretch of road well means that you won’t be surprised by hairpin turns and zebra crossings on your route. Exams like amc exam Australia are nightmares for the students. They know the patterns and style of the exams but their preparation varies according to their environment.

Flexible Administration

Universities must be flexible when it comes to administering examinations, given that the situation of the coronavirus epidemic is continuously changing. Coronavirus and its effects on student life necessitate a certain degree of flexibility in this requirement. In order to guarantee that no student is disadvantaged as a result of the epidemic, the UGC has affirmed that colleges and universities may offer another chance “as and when practicable” to students who were unable to take the final year test, whether online or in person. When it comes to postponing examinations, colleges should give some flexibility. Otherwise, students who find themselves in tough situations as a result of the epidemic may suffer academically.

Online Exams Perks

Some colleges have chosen to conduct the majority of their examinations online in order to prevent any face-to-face interaction. University leaders throughout the world have already adopted the digital ‘open book’ test, but have encountered a number of problems. In remote exams, one of the biggest challenges is preventing students from utilizing the internet or other resources to help them. Student’s may find it simpler to seek for answers or discuss the process with others when they take examinations without an invigilator present. When exams are done remotely, it’s more difficult to guarantee that pupils adhere to the regulations.

Proctor, for example, provides institutions with the technology needed to detect fraudulent behavior during examinations. Many university students, on the other hand, have expressed worries about the privacy of exam software that is meant to prevent cheating. Some exams such as the AMC exam for specialist cannot be done online the same way other exams are conducted. cannot be taken online in the same manner as other tests.


At the end of the day, exams are no different from many other activities we successfully do every day. This is something that you can manage. Familiarity, confidence, planning, and preparation may go a long way toward alleviating the anxiety that comes with preparing for and taking a test.