Outlook apk – Get a deeper look and understand about the best Outlook apk!

The new Outlook apk will help you to do all necessary things in your phone itself starting from managing calendar, sharing files and working on multiple apps right in your Android phone, even in your smallest screen. As Outlook is the most used Microsoft e-mail in desktop, it’s now introduced in Android tablet as well.


You will easily able to get back top of your inbox in Outlook apk


Most of the people have a problem whose mail gets overloaded, that’s why in outlook apk you will able to clear out the unwanted emails. You will get two tabs- focused and others. The important mail you can forward to the focused folders and the less important emails can be shifted to other folders.


Schedule a meeting without any hassle in Outlook apk


There are many email apps where you won’t get any notification regarding your calendar. But in outlook apk, you will get the calendars available directly associated with your mail. There is a ‘QUICK RSVP’ feature through which you can able to respond to all meetings directly from the inbox of your mail. Thus, in just one go you will able to manage your calendar.


Make easy attachments


If you have a storage facility, you can able to work on a single document very easily. But, when you are working on mail that too in a mobile version it becomes difficult for opening a few links. But in outlook apk, you can easily able to send files which are very easy to share. Just a tap and you will able to insert any attachments from any storage as an attachment in your mail.


Design for Android


In Android outlook apk design is very natural. Here in Android, the Navigation Drawer is used to look after multiple tools in the app as well as different common actions are also available in the Overflow menu.


Look for its new feature


In its new feature of outlook apk, the user can easily able to add or edit any contacts as well as with the new update you can able to edit, add or remove its members even from a group. But you can only able to access this feature if you have an account in Microsoft 365. Also, in the newer version, you will able to get various bug fixes which enable the entire performance faster. You can get the updated version also from Google Play store. This is available over more than 246 markets globally with at least 44 languages, along with its integration with LinkedIn.



You can try out this app from your Google play store. It also supports more than one email account, which means from one tab you will be able to log in multiple accounts. 

It not only very user-friendly but also offers an extra level of security through password protection directly from mail. This feature will help you to protect your mail from any kind of unauthorized usage. It can be considered above its predecessor and you can also rely on its push notifications.


Which of the accounts you can connect with Outlook?

The outlook is available if you have Google Play Store or iOS App store. Users can download this app if you have access to these stores.

Why the app is known as ‘Outlook Preview’ on Android version?

As the iOS version is a much more advanced version so the name is given. Once it is updated as per iOS, the preview label will be removed from Android version.

Is the Outlook app is supported withOutlook.com?

Yes, it is supported and we encourage a user to download the new app. The outlook is replaced with Outlook.com in Android App.

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