Outlook for Android Has Up the Game with Its Impressive Features

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Outlook for Android platform is an app of Microsoft Suite designed solely for users to improve their productivity without swapping between devices. They sync your data like E-mail, Reminders, Messages, Files, etc. So you could enjoy access from any gadget conveniently. We all, as kids, have swot traditional Microsoft controls and shortcuts. However, Outlook Android has surprised us with secure-lock and other new features.


You must flourish its features that make organizing and browsing seamlessly easy. Outlook for Android is experiencing developments by upgrading and introducing the latest features. With more in store, Outlook for Android seems to bring more surprises to the communication world. The future-ready upgrade allows the user to enjoy more security.


Prime features of Outlook for Android


  • One App:-

Get everything you need in one place, for instance, E-mail, Calendars, Contacts, Business Files, Analytical Data, and many more. Avoid struggling for your essential data in critical situations by accessing it all on one app.


  • Personal Planner:-

Outlook for Android will become your reliable E-mail organizer and daily planner to help you manage and schedule your work and personal life seamlessly.


  • Microsoft Grade Security:-

The Outlook for Android has proved its worth when it comes to being secured. With a solid junk mail filter and automatic web-bug blocking, curbing cyber-crime attempts to up the security game. Microsoft has a more effective phishing control than ever with this updated roll-out.


  • Actionable Message:-

The new feature actionable message allows the user to share documents and perform other tasks while streamlining without leaving the app.


  • Do not disturb mode at its best:-

Outlook for Android is the most indispensable tool for business E-mail. It allows the user to tweak the timing and preferences according to their needs.


  • Event Invite updates on Calendar:-

Give a break to your juggling between meetings, reminders, and updates. Outlook for Android now permits you to add events and E-mail invites on Outlook Android calendars. Keep in touch with all the deadlines.


  • Cortana understands you more now:-

With various technical advancements, including voice control and vocal features, Cortana is now a more powerful virtual assistant. Cortana can read your E-mails, Messages, interacts with Calendar invites, and do a lot more now.


  • Business in the mind:-

With an already established market by Gmail and its products, Outlook for Android comes as a breath of fresh air with the new take on how business communication can become more viable.



To sum up, the most vital factor while working on an official project is its resources. And assuredly, Outlook Android is the most reliable app to govern your documents. It is a great way to get everything in the reach of your palms. Juggle between Files, E-mail, Calendars, Events, and Deadlines without opening any other window on your device. Moreover, getting aid from virtual assistant Cortana is the icing on the cake. The quality of Outlook for Android of eyeing the business clientele for its output is what defines its distinctiveness.


Is the app free for its users?

Yes. The Outlook for Android is free.

How to install the app on my phone?

Go to App Store on your Android and type Microsoft Outlook for Android on the search bar to select and install the app.

Who owns Outlook for Android?


Which one is better? Gmail or Outlook for Android?

Both the giants are big in name. But Microsoft is preferred by most businesses because of the level of security it provides.

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