Pathlight Property Management Review



If you are looking for a new property manager, you may want to consider Pathlight. The company is fast growing and has over 6000 single-family homes under contract. This is enough to make it one of the biggest property management companies in the United States. It is also the most successful business, adding over 400 homes to its portfolio each month.

In addition to managing these properties, Pathlight is the exclusive property manager of Home Partners of America, the nation’s largest property management firm. Having been in business for many years, Pathlight has a lot of knowledge when it comes to general property management and maintenance. They are also known for providing a friendly resident experience. Unfortunately, despite its success, the company has had its share of management blunders. As a result, you may find that Pathlight is not the best choice for you and your property management needs.

Positive reviews

Pathlight Property Management is a real estate company subsidiary of Home Partners of America. The company provides various services, including maintenance, rental co-broke commissions, and pet-friendly options. They also provide an online application and payment option. In addition, they offer emergency maintenance service, a 24/7 service line, and a monthly utility service charge. Their employees earn an average salary of $51,000 per year. On average, they receive an overall rating of 2.5 stars from 551 customers.

A few negatives about Pathlight include lousy customer service, lack of communication, and a lack of management. However, the company has some positives, such as competitive rental co-broke commissions and an emergency maintenance service. In addition, it maintains all utilities in the name of its residents. Additionally, they have an affordable health plan and a 401K program. And they match all employee contributions to the project.

When Pathlight Property Management was started, the company was pretty good. However, it turned sour when the management made several changes. For example, it hired an outside manager, Sam Jang, to work with homeowners to solve issues. This was done after Potters had problems with their air conditioning system. Unfortunately, after contacting the manager, Coats, who was supposed to fix the problems, did not return to the house. Although this was an isolated incident, it is not uncommon for homeowners to have similar problems.