Petite Leon Menu


The Petite Leon menu is short on entrees, but its steak is what convinces diners to take it seriously. There are a few exciting starters, but if you’re looking for something to start your meal with, you’re better off sticking with the steak. The steak is tender and perfectly seasoned, and you can’t go wrong with it. You can also choose from various sides, including the famous Portuguese linguica.

Portuguese linguica

Chef Jorge Guzmán and cocktail aficionado Travis Serbus have created a cozy neighbourhood restaurant in south Minneapolis called Petite Leon. The focus is on locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and a layered approach to flavour. The food and drinks are a celebration of love and passion, with an emphasis on sustainable local ingredients.

Portuguese linguica is one of the many unique dishes on the Petite Leon menu, which uses a dry seasoning derived from Libya. Other menu items include traditional Yucatecan staples like cochinita pibil and pozole Yucateco, a stew made from heirloom hominy corn. Both dishes are rich and full of flavour.

Petite Leon opened in October 2020 in the Kingfield neighbourhood of Minneapolis. It began as a takeout restaurant and is now open four nights a week. It started with takeout orders but soon moved into a space that had been unsuitable for food service. The chef/owner, Jorge Guzman, has worked at Surly Brewer’s Table and has a background in Mexican cuisine.

Roasted beet salad

In the Kingfield neighbourhood of south Minneapolis, the restaurant Petite Leon is helmed by award-winning chef Jorge Guzmán. The chef-owner team also includes bartender Travis Serbus, an experienced cocktail connoisseur. The concept of Petite Leon is to create an intimate dining experience in a home-like setting. The menu emphasizes local, sustainable ingredients and layers of flavour.

Petite Leon opened last October in a small space, primarily for takeout, but it quickly expanded, becoming a full-fledged restaurant four nights a week. The kitchen team is led by chef Jorge Guzman, who has worked at Surly’s Brewer’s Table and in Mexico. He has a background in Mexican cooking and has also cooked at many local Minneapolis restaurants.

The food at Petite Leon is a unique blend of fine dining and comfort food. The menu includes classic Yucatecan dishes such as cochinita pibil and roasted beet salad. Other menu highlights include the burger; a double Peterson Craftsman Meats smash with caramelized onions, horchata ice cream, and tangy pickles.

While the menu has few entrees, the restaurant’s steak is a strong sell. This restaurant’s steak is the centrepiece of the menu and may persuade some diners to take the restaurant more seriously.

Peterson Craftsman Meats smash burger.

A Peterson Craftsman Meats smash Burger can be the highlight of a meal at the Peterson Craftsman Meats Cafe. This casual restaurant offers table-side digital ordering and counter service. It also offers online take-out. The menu includes burgers and house-made pastries. A double Peterson Craftsman Meats smash burger is available. It features caramelized onions, American cheese, and tangy pickles.

The Peterson Double Patty Cheeseburger, which runs about $14, features a 100% grass-fed beef patty. The burger is made with meat from a single cow raised on a grass-fed farm near Osceola, Wis., by a family-run operation.