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Petra Shawarma review – If you are fond of different flavors, then you may try the Jordanian style of food. To give you an idea, the dishes that you can expect in their cuisine are Mansaf, Falafel, Bedouin tea and coffee, Kunafa, Maqluba, Fresh Juice, Roasted nuts, Shawarma, and many more.


Does the dish’s name excite you enough? Because we are going to bring you a restaurant which is Petra Shawarma. This restaurant is in Auckland, New Zealand. However, it is widely famous among the tourists for its food and service. Let’s check their facilities and dig into Petra Shawarma Review.

Petra Shawarma Review – The Past

The beginning of The Petra Shawarma happened with the vision that they believed in for a long time. They had a great love and passion for the food and wanted people (both local and tourists) to taste something they will always cherish. Their main objective was family cooking. Whether you are cooking solely for sale or for the people to enjoy reflects in your food.


Therefore, they had a clear mindset regarding what they want to serve. It kicked them to begin the business with every resource they had available at that time. Now it has improved its scale to a different level. Every tourist that visits Auckland does not want to miss the opportunity of having food at Petra Shawarma.

Petra Shawarma Review – The Present

Presently, Petra Shawarma is working at a magnificent speed. They have a vast menu that includes Starters, Main Course, Vege, Sides (Breads), Drinks, and Desserts. You can add special requests to your order as per your taste preference. They also have certain dishes available that are vegan or made from organic fruits and vegetables.


Their excellent service and food is the reason they were able to sustain in the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now, they follow all the necessary guidelines, such as operating with fewer employees on-site, wearing masks and gloves, maintaining a strict level of hygiene and sterilization, etc.

Petra Shawarma Review – The Future

The kind of service they have been providing to their customers shows how bright their future is. It will be no shock if soon enough you’ll find Petra Shawarma in your own country. With the online facilities, it has become easier to strengthen the goodwill that leads to business expansion. Their concern for every kind of consumer and trying to be available online requires great dedication. Therefore, as in the future, we hope Petra Shawarma will introduce something refreshing for their promising and new customers.


In conclusion, Petra Shawarma is one of the prestigious dine-in places. With their commitment that they show towards their guests, it is clear that they do follow the vision that they set at the beginning. People believe in this organization, and they have made them stand where they are.


Our final Petra Shawarma Review is that you must visit this outlet and try your hands on their Jordanian cuisine. The flavorful combination of ingredients will make you fall head over heels in this place. If you cannot dine-in due to any restriction, you always have the option of home delivery with Petra Shawarma.


Where is the main branch of Petra Shawarma?

The main branch of Petra Shawarma is at 482 New North Road, Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand.

What are their operational timings?

Their operational timings are as below: Sunday – Monday: 12 P.M. – 10 P.M. Tuesday – Saturday: 11 A.M. – 10 P.M.

How can I contact Petra Shawarma?

If you want to contact Petra Shawarma for any query, you can email them at

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