The best Phantasy Star Online 2 Review

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In the following paragraphs, we are going to mention an unbiased Phantasy Star Online 2 review. It is a game that a lot of individuals in the West are just becoming familiar with. While Phantasy Star Online 2 has been launched almost 8 years ago in Japan, it is yet to become popular in the remaining part of the world. With a PC launch looming right now, we are here to see whether the game is really worth the wait or has it become a bit too late.

Phantasy Star Online 2 review: Communication and community

First, in this Phantasy Star Online 2 review, we will talk about communication and community. Players begin on a ship each one of which consists of many instances that can be swapped in case you are searching for a bigger community feel. The earlier instances ranging from 1 to 10 are usually more populated as compared to the later ones. If you’re in need of a general chat feature or would like to see a cluster of other gamers, the earlier instances will be ideal for you.

In fact, Phantasy Star Online is known for the Symbol Chat feature that can bring lots of fun and excitement in the long run. The Symbol Chat feature will enable the gamers to create fantastic works of art imitating everything according to their personal outlooks to genuine emojis. Just like anything custom, it likewise results in other awkward symbols like undressed women, offensive remarks, as well as phallic shapes. This feature is amongst the best as well as worst communication features in recent online games.

Phantasy Star Online 2 review: Classes, Combat, and UI

Next, in this particular Phantasy Star Online 2 review, we will be mentioning classes, combat, and UI. While playing this game you will be exposed to combat which has been faster-paced unlike the other similar games on the market. It is imperative for the gamers to dodge and also use other abilities so as to remain alive. It will be impossible for you to be generally invincible even in the most favorable situations. Your play will depend on the classes selected by you and these decisions can be changed while you progress.

The class system of this game is quite robust. You will come across classes that are going to appeal to all those who want to stay away from their enemies. Every single character likewise comes with different types of weapons and all of them have their personal skill sets which will help them to make the best use of their weapons.

Does it have customization and a cash shop?

In reality, in this comprehensive Phantasy Star Online 2 review, we like to mention that the game is quite fair when it comes to their cash shop. It would be possible for you to play most of the game for free with some restrictions, and yet to receive quite a few rewards. Free players will not be able to begin their personal shop, and they happen to be limited when it comes to taking half the missions at one time. It is possible for the players to get most of these restrictions lifted by paying $15 for the premium version. Besides the basic services, there are likewise several advanced services that can be purchased by the players.

What is the verdict?

phantasy star online 2 review happens to be a type of game with which you are probably familiar even before playing it. There are lots of interesting combats as well as actions in this game which will keep you engrossed for hours together. This game has thrilled lots of gamers across the world, and you too, will not be an exception to that. Although there are some shortcomings with this game, the positive aspects definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

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