Philips HTL8162 review – Why it is better than others

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If you are a music freak like me, then you must have a soundbar. So I am here. I am going to share the feedback of my personal favourite, the Philips HTL8162 review. Currently, this is my personal favourite. Earlier soundbar used to be a luxury, and many people consider this as an unnecessary thing. But now people’s mindset has changed. Especially last year when we all were stuck inside our place, so is we talk about entertainment, it was the only TV, mobile that’s it. So obviously, viewing tv was the only option.


Philips HTL8162 review – People realize though they have big screen Tv, the sound quality was not that much attractive, and many brands grabbed this opportunity and launched multiple soundbars of entry-level, which meet the viewer’s demand. Philips to launch its latest soundbar HTL8162. It comes with a wireless subwoofer. The cost of the soundbar is 13,999/-. I purchased it online, and believe me, it gives me a theatre-quality.



 Features of Philips HTL8162 review 


So here I present the Philips HTL8162 review with you all. Philips HTL8162 consists of two things, subwoofer and soundbar. The quality of the soundbar is minimalistic and pleasing. It is classy and good-looking. The whole speaker is covered with a metal grille, and the top is made of shiny glass. On the top, you will find a touch panel. This will help you to turn on the system. You can do multiple things like you can play or pause, change or adjust the volume, etc. The midsection of the soundbar has an alphanumeric display. On the backside, you will get the HDMI ARC port, USB port, optical digital input.


Philips HTL8162 review – You will get a remote control as well to operate. The soundbar is long; you can place it under the tv. I prefer the wall mount, so I call the electrician and wall mount the soundbar to don’t need much space. As already mentioned that this system comes along with the subwoofer. The height is tall, it’s wireless, and it directly connects with the baas easily. You can keep it anywhere in the room. The power cable is the only wire which is attached.


Specifications of Philips HTL8162 soundbar review


· 160W sound output

· Inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity for the music streaming

· It supports the audio return channel (ARC)



The sound quality of Philips HTL8162


I have used many soundbars. But the Philips HTL8162 review is excellent. Among all this, one is my personal favourite. I listen to different types of content in the soundbar. When I listen to an action movie, I can feel the gun sound, and the audio is so crisp. The controlled bass and dialogues are crisp and clear. The sound quality is excellent, and it’s loud; you can feel the sound filling your room. I have noticed that when I use the maximum volume of the soundbar, there is a spike distortion. Customize the sound profile as per your choice.


A great choice at an affordable price


If you have a tight budget, then this would be the perfect choice for you. If you purchase online, you might get discounts. This product can easily give tough competition to other brands. I watched the movies, especially web series in this soundbar, and the experience is just wow. The Philips soundbar enhances the audio experience. SO, guys, further delay, grab it and get the theatre experience at your place. Make sure to read the Philips HTL8162 review before purchasing.

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Does it require the wire to connect?

No Philips HTL8162 is wireless.

Does it have a Dolby sound?

Yes, it has

How many USB ports are there?

Only one USB port

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