Pink Wasabi’s Winter Wonderland Menu


For a picture-perfect Pan-Asian menu, head to Juhu, Mumbai, and visit Pink Wasabi, a newly opened restaurant. Located in a former industrial zone, the restaurant boasts a colourful interior bound to catch people’s attention. The menu features pan-Asian favourites like Beetroot noodles and Kashi maki.

Pan-Asian cuisine

In the Elante Mall of Chandigarh, Pink Wasabi has opened a new restaurant that serves exquisite Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. The interior is picture perfect, transporting diners to cherry blossom season in Japan. Chairs in candy-floss hues complement marble-covered tables and flooring. Doors adorned with wisteria-blanketed flowers are a beautiful touch. The new establishment is the prettiest cafe in the city.

The restaurant is managed by Suved Lohia, who also runs Pink Wasabi. The restaurant is visually stunning, and the menu features edible flowers to add a unique twist. While the menu offers traditional favourites, it also features dishes with a more adventurous flavour profile. Desserts are a standout here.

Instagram-worthy interiors

Known for its pink interiors, Pink Wasabi has turned up the aesthetic ante with a menu that celebrates the holiday season in the most beautiful way possible. Embracing the theme of white Christmas, the restaurant has created a Winter Wonderland menu featuring visually stunning dishes.

The ambience is Instagram-worthy, with wisteria-covered exteriors and rose-adorned interiors. The decor reflects the young, vibrant spirit of this generation. The menu includes dishes such as Exotic Pork Belly, Crunchy Lotus, Japanese Healthy Bowl, Cilantro-Wrapped John Dory, and Fresh Jasmine Mousse.

Beetroot noodles

A variety of Asian dishes are served on the menu at Pink Wasabi. There are also some vegan dishes to try. The restaurant’s interiors are very Instagrammable and have a floral wonderland theme. Beetroot noodles are a particularly good option. You can serve them as a side dish with other Asian dishes.

Kashi maki

Dessert fans will be thrilled to find sushi-shaped cakes at Pink Wasabi. These bite-sized cakes are the work of pastry chefs Anna Chua and Cindie Cheng. They come in both fruity and chocolate flavors. The desserts are priced between P165 and P275 and sold in four or eight boxes.

In addition to the pink wasabi-topped pink maki, customers can also enjoy Filipino dishes at the Orange Whisk. The staff can customize their dishes to suit individual preferences. The restaurant also offers Chef Anna Chua’s Kashi Maki. This Japanese-inspired dish is served in transparent boxes.


The new addition to the Elante Mall in Chandigarh, Pink Wasabi, offers an eclectic menu that celebrates the cuisine of Asia. The decor is picture perfect, evoking the beauty of cherry blossom season in Japan. Chairs in candy-floss hues complement the marble tables and floors. Wisteria-blanked doors accent the front entrance, making this one of the prettiest cafes in the city.

A visually pleasing space and menu make the experience at Pink Wasabi genuinely memorable. The restaurant also features edible flowers that add an extra dimension to the dishes. The menu offers many conventional dishes that will appeal to even the most seasoned palates, but some unique dishes are available for those with a more adventurous spirit. The desserts are a particular standout on the menu.

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