Popularity of Management Colleges in India

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You may have heard of the abbreviation PGDM or Graduate Management Admission Test. This is the test that is given to a person who is applying for a degree in any discipline from a reputed college or university in India. The abbreviation has nothing to do with the level of your qualification. A well-qualified candidate can appear for both the exams and get the result according to his performance. If you are interested in appearing for the PGDM examination, here are the important points that you must know. Make sure that you understand each and every point before choosing a right college and university in India for both the examinations.

The main aim of the Best PGDM college in Bareilly is to check the competence of the candidates in relation to one particular field. The candidates will be asked questions pertaining to their knowledge about management information systems, finance, project management, supply chain management etc. This test is also known as the Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. For the students, this means that they should possess basic knowledge of the subjects like accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, process improvement etc.

There are many universities in India that offer great Lakes prom course. Some of the famous B-schools that offer this course are – Stamps College, Jamia Millan India, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and Indian Institute of Management. These B-schools are ranked by some reputed organizations. They are – sixth-largest institute of management in the world, according to US Department of Education, third largest in India, and first in Sri Lanka. Among these, the best ranked B-school in India is – Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

According to the rules of the country, if you wish to apply for a degree program from an institute that is listed with some renowned B-schools of India, you will need to pass some simple test. The test is known as – General Qualification Test (GCCT) or – Professional Responsibility Examination for Determining Eligibility (PRED). In both the cases, you will be required to clear all the tests within a certain period. The General Qualification Test, as per the rules, may be taken after one year from the admission date of the students whereas the PRED examination is taken after six months from the admission date. Both the examinations are conducted under the supervision of Central Board of Excise and Registration (CBEE) and the candidates who clear both the examinations are eligible to apply for a valid post graduate degree from any of the B-schools of India.

There are three main types of PGDMS available in India autonomous institutions, mainstream academic institutions and private sector. The autonomous institutions offer higher quality of education and charge higher fees as compared to the other two. Though there are some key differences between the autonomous institutions and the mainstream academic institutions, there are some similarities as well. All the three offer almost similar course content, but with slightly different approaches.

Since the admission process and the course content are the same in all the three types of the PGDM course, the process of selection is generally same. Eligibility criteria for admission into the relevant course is the completion of an undergraduate degree. However, the eligibility criteria may vary from school to school. As far as the standardization is concerned, all the business schools accept nearly all the MBA candidates who apply for the post-graduate diploma courses. There is one notable exception to this rule. Some business schools accept only those candidates who have completed their master degrees or doctorate degrees in business administration, accounting, or related fields.

The post-graduate diploma course is designed for those candidates, who have completed their MBA’s, but lack the required professional work experience or soft skills. A candidate having completed an MBA but does not possess soft skills can opt for other options like those mentioned below, which would enable him to fulfill his requirement for admission into a reputable business school. These are designed for candidates, who have passed the entrance examination but are unable to attend the institute for further studies because of various reasons.

If you are a person who have completed the PGDM course, and wish to pursue a degree in management, then India is the right place for you. There are many renowned management schools in India that offer excellent management courses at attractive terms and conditions. These management schools are accredited by International Institute of Management Education (IIM) Delhi. An in-depth look at the various management schools in India can help you understand the facilities that are offered by these institutions in terms of admission, faculty, and placement record, and the student-teacher ratio.

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