Preparing For Your Amazon Hiring Interview


Choosing a career at Amazon is one of the best decisions you will ever make. This American multinational technology company specializes in e-commerce, online advertising, digital streaming, and cloud computing.

Phone Screen round

Applicants to the Seattle headquarters of the ecommerce behemoth have the opportunity to participate in a series of on-site interviews. This multi-layered recruitment process will take between two and nine months to complete. In the early days, these were all held in person, but today, the majority of these spiels are conducted virtually over Amazon Chime.

The first round of phone screenings will be followed by a series of behavioral and technical assessments. Some of these tests will be accompanied by a written test. The first of these is the rite above of passage. Besides, many companies have opted for telephonic interview over the face-to-face route. This saves time and energy; in the long run, a candidate with Amazon knowledge performs better under duress.

Considering that the telephone is still the preferred mode of communication, the mobile phone remains the best bet for candidates who plan on moving forward in the employment pipeline.

Written test

Applicants for an Amazon job will face a series of tests. These tests aim to screen candidates and measure their ability to perform well in the company. They include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and situational judgment.

In addition to these tests, applicants may be required to pass a work style assessment test. The assessment test measures candidates’ prioritization and problem-solving skills. It also assesses their abilities to work as a team and stay calm in stressful situations. However, it is not required for every position.

Before applying for an Amazon job, candidates should familiarize themselves with the company’s Leadership Principles. These principles help guide the hiring process and significantly impact how effectively an employee works. As a result, those who Amazon hires are expected to adhere to them.


Whether you are applying for a technical role or a position that requires more specialized skills, preparation for your Amazon hiring interview is essential. The more prepared you are, the better your chances of being hired.

Amazon hires around 840,000 people worldwide and has a rigorous recruiting process. Candidates must demonstrate how their skills match Amazon’s culture and values. They also have to show how they can contribute to the company’s success.

The Amazon hiring process typically involves multiple interviews. The first interview is over the phone, and the second is in-person. You may be asked to submit a sample of your past work. After this, you may receive a written offer or an invitation to a meeting to discuss your qualifications.

Attrition rates

Despite the CEO’s statements that Amazon is a great workplace, the company has a significant employee retention problem. The company is hiring and firing workers at a high rate. And it’s not just recruits who are leaving.

A recent report by the website Reveal based on internal company documents found that Amazon’s attrition rate is high throughout the company. While many employees are leaving for better pay and benefits, other reasons include career development and workplace problems.

Amazon’s attrition rates range from 70 percent to 81.3 percent. It’s a widespread problem, from entry-level roles to vice presidents. The company has not responded to Insider’s request for comment.

According to the document, Amazon has not adequately tracked data to promote and train employees. In addition, the company’s disability and leave system had glitches. It also penalized workers for missing work.

Company culture

Among companies that have become household names, Amazon has gained a reputation for its aggressive, fast-paced corporate culture. The New York Times says it can be stressful and emotionally damaging. The article also suggests that many employees are pressured to work long hours and sacrifice family time during vacations.

The company encourages employees to speak up and provide answers to questions. It also allows employees to “rip into” co-workers’ ideas. But it is important to note that this approach can be complex for women, introverts, and minority groups.

The New York Times report said that the firm encourages workers to give harsh feedback and to write anonymous reviews. Yet, despite me employees have praised the company’s benefits despite these negative aspects. They also highlight the importance of a long-term perspective and its willingness to walk the talk on innovation and customer orientation.