Protective sleeves for comics: how to find the right size


Protective Sleeves For Comics – How to Find the Right Size

Protective sleeves for comic books are essential parts of any serious collection. These sleeves protect them from dust, dirt, and sunlight to prolong their reading enjoyment for years. Discover the best info about buste protettive per fumetti.

Discovering the right protective sleeve can be difficult when searching for comics to protect. That is why we have compiled this handy guide to help you select the most effective sleeves for your collection.


Polypropylene Protective Sleeves offer an economical means of safeguarding comics. Unfortunately, these sleeves do not diffuse the natural gases released by paper over time (oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions), meaning your comics could fade, discolor, or rot over time.

When looking for sleeves to protect your comics from UV light exposure, look for transparent polypropylene sleeves that allow easy viewing without fading or discoloring their content.

Use acid-free backboards from art stores in sheets to protect and store your comics without the risk of warping or bending during storage. These should also be cut to size to prevent warping during transit.


If appropriately sealed, polyethylene sleeves offer limited protection against moisture and dust, yet do nothing to shield comics from sun-fading damage.

Keep your comics out of direct sunlight and in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity levels to protect the paper from daily changes in temperature and humidity levels. Doing this will protect it against further wear and tear.

When storing comics, consider using a Back Board behind each book to keep it stiff and stop any bending from taking place. Also, be sure to select an acid-free board made of alkaline buffered material, to prevent discoloration or other forms of degradation in the future.


Mylar Protective Sleeves are the gold standard in comic book storage and protection, ensuring your collection stays clean and vibrant while protecting against environmental contamination. Investing in these bags is your best defense against keeping the environment safe for comic books!

Mylar is an inert material recommended by experts worldwide as Museum-Grade Archival Storage for your comics, protecting for decades to come. Resistant to internal gas diffusion and sunlight exposure, Mylar ensures your comics will remain safe.

Mylar comic sleeves come in various sizes and thicknesses. Most commonly found are those measuring 6.5”x 10.5” with an adjustable flap that can be folded over, tucked in, or taped shut for easy storage of comic books or manga.


Protective sleeves can be an excellent way to store your comics safely but choose the appropriate size for your collection. Heavy-duty corrugated plastic construction would likely provide the best protection if you plan on keeping an extensive amount of comics at once.

Cardboard protective sleeves are among the most widely-used ways of safeguarding comic books against light, water damage, pest infestation, and temperature changes.

Be sure to use acid-free boards when storing comics, as this will protect them from becoming bent over time and wear. This is particularly important if stored in a drawer box that could cause their spines to warp over time.

Resealable Bags

If you’re searching for comic storage solutions, resealable bags may be an intelligent way to go. Their ease of use makes them perfect for keeping comics safe from damage while being simple to access when needed.

Polypropylene bags are the simplest type of resealable bag and measure two millimeters thick. Not only are these acid-free and archival-safe, but they’re also suitable for comic books, as their acid levels don’t pose an issue for preservation purposes.

There are also resealable bags made of polyethylene that last significantly longer. In addition, their slightly milky hue allows for less light, perfect for comic book storage.

For optimal protection, purchase a resealable comic book bag with a board inside. Then, fold or tape your board into place – though folding may cause more permanent damage than taping.

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