PTE Requirements for Australian Student Visa

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The Australian student visa is the most popular study visa for international students. Every year thousands of students who study abroad rely heavily on their PTE scores to get into the country. According to English Wise, a renowned centre for PTE Coaching, Sydney  the test is an internationally recognized assessment of English language skills that are often used as a deciding factor to join secondary and tertiary education, employment, and immigration purposes. This article will discuss what is required for a PTE and how it can be used to acquire an Australian Student Visa.

What is the Pearson Test of English?

The Pearson Test of English is an internationally recognized assessment that evaluates a person’s proficiency in four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The test is used by the universities for admissions purposes and immigration purposes in countries such as Australia.

The Pearson Test of English comprises two parts: the Academic Module and the General Module. The Academic Module assesses reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills used in university-level study. The General Module assesses reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills used in everyday life.

There are three distinct levels to the PTE: Preliminary (P), Foundation (F), and Higher (H). Each PTE level is evaluated against the following criteria: vocabulary richness; grammar complexity; sentence completion; discourse coherence; vocabulary variety; cultural awareness. A score out of 100 is given at the end of the test to represent proficiency in each skill independently from one another. This two-hour test can be taken at more than 1,000 Pearson Test Centres around the world. 

Why should I take the PTE?

1) Your Score Is Recognized Worldwide

The score you receive on the PTE is accepted in over 150 countries around the world. You can take the test anytime since it’s offered year-round at Pearson Testing Centres worldwide. If you are planning to study abroad in one of these countries, this is a must!

2) You Can Use It To Establish Credibility

Having a high PTE score shows that you have an advanced level of English skills which may lead to promotions or higher pay rates. The same goes for universities where they often require minimum scores on tests like the TOEFL or IELTS before admitting international students. This means your PTE score could help unlock opportunities for career advancement you wouldn’t have otherwise had access to!

Requirements for PTE for Australian Student Visa:

Australian Student Visa Qualification Requirement

To get a PTE, you’ll need to prove your citizenship status, your age, your English eligibility, and your level of education. You’ll also need to submit an application fee of AUD 375 which is roughly USD 205.

Required PTE score for different courses:

PTE score requirements vary from course to course. The following are the details:


  • Diploma degree PTE Score – 42 to 49
  • Bachelor’s degree PTE Score – 50
  • Master’s degree PTE Score – 58 
  • Nursing or science PTE Score – 65


Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE):

To enter Australia, one should have a GTE certificate. You would be asked to write a GTE statement during the process which explains the reason for your stay in Australia. Having a GTE certificate confirms that students are relocating to the host country temporarily for education purposes and not for other motives. 

Medical Examination:

Students from foreign countries should take thorough medical examinations that validate that they are physically fit to live in the host country. It is suggested that you finish the entire medical checkup before a few days of applying for a visa as the doctors need time to prepare reports. 

Acknowledgment from Institution:

The admission letter or the Confirmation of Enrolment letter from the university or college that you are joining must be submitted during the VISA registration. This is the proof that authenticates your upcoming studies in Australia. Usually, COE contains details about the candidate, the course, fees, and the duration of the programme.

Financial requirements:

Showing your bank balance with a minimum amount of AUD 62,222 (about USD 47,000) is necessary. To pay your bills, handle living costs, additional expenses, and to survive in a new country, a certain amount of money should be available in the account. Strong financial documents will immensely help in landing your dream visa.

Character authentication:


In addition to the medical exam, no criminal record certificate is also needed. It is the usual procedure done like in any other country. To make things easier, take a complete medical checkup before a few days of applying for a visa. 75% of applicants are processed in 80 days, while 90% are processed in 90 days. It is advised to consult an experienced consultant like Englishwise who can guide you throughout the process to do it in the right way. 


Qualifying for a student visa can be a difficult and time-consuming process. One way to make it easier is to provide proof of English language proficiency and this is what the PTE is for. The PTE will certify that you have an adequate understanding of English to attend university in Australia. Make sure you have all these requirements ready before applying for an Australian Student Visa. Hope this blog post helps you as the perfect checklist for PTE requirements for Australian Student Visa.

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