Relationship Advice: Find Out If They’re Interested or Just Interesting.


Consider the most recent time you crossed paths with a potential romantic interest. Whether it was a sexual or spiritual connection or a professional one, I guess one of your key strategies was demonstrating your uniqueness and appealing to the other person. Discover the best info about 打飛機.

Oh, I see, so you didn’t mean to come across as arrogant and self-centered. You don’t want to be labeled as an attention-seeking jerk. In a matter of minutes and without a single line of code to load, you’ll have your website up and running with your custom domain name, just as we said we would.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people couldn’t care less. That’s why since they’re just as preoccupied with thinking about ways to make themselves appealing to you, of course! So while you’re busy bragging about how fascinating you are, they’re probably just half listening before they start formulating a response to make you think they, too, are intriguing.

Be Curious, Not Fascinating

In my experience, those with the healthiest, most fulfilling friendships and romantic partnerships put less emphasis on themselves and more on the others they meet. Doing so will set you apart from 90% of people attempting to make an impression on others.

You’ve probably been at a party chatting with someone who showed little interest in what you had to say. Whenever you made a remark or shared a story, the listener always reminisced, “That reminds me of the time I…” You couldn’t wait for an opportunity to say, “Nice to meet you, gotta run!”

Consider the last time you spoke with someone who was the complete antithesis of this type—someone who genuinely cared about what you had to say. (Don’t give up…it could be a while!) Wasn’t that a whole new sensation? Isn’t it true that you wanted to keep talking to this individual until the sun rose?

People who are good at what they do, whether in business, politics, or other fields, are often called “go-getters.” They are known for their ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities. For example, it has been observed about former President Bill Clinton that when he interacted with someone, those individuals felt like the center of the universe and the recipient of the full force and attention of the most powerful man on the planet.

Changes Being Made

How do you accomplish that transition if you want to go from being merely fascinating to genuinely engaging? The first step is accepting that you need to change and deciding to do so. Unfortunately, the truth is that most people don’t automatically adopt such a frame of mind.

Then, self-control is critical to actualizing your goal. Instead of planning what you will say next, focus on what the other person is saying and think of questions you may ask to encourage them to continue talking. In most cases, all one must say is, “Tell me more.” If you aren’t sincere, people will know it within two seconds of you saying it.

The term “active” listening describes an approach that pays close attention to the speaker and the content of what they say. To take this a step further, try responding to the other person based on how you interpret their body language, emotions, tone of voice, etc.

Improve Your Connections

I’ve dedicated my entire career to accomplishing this as a life coach. This investment has paid off handsomely by facilitating the development of numerous lasting friendships and professional partnerships.

It is a universal desire to feel heard. Unfortunately, not many people are genuinely interested in what you say rather than just talking about themselves.

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