Rockmount’s Green Western Shirt is a Must-Have in Any Cowboy’s Wardrobe


Solid green western shirts have the versatility of looking both smart and casual when worn open like an OCBD or as casually as a sports shirt, such as this Rockmount example featuring classic features such as its traditional yoke, snap buttons, and reinforcement stitching that give it a lived-in aesthetic.

Made from luxurious Lenzing Tencel fabric, this shirt combines modernity and sustainability in its design. Featuring pearl snap closures in brass accents for an antique aesthetic.

Solid Color Button Cinch Pinpoint Shirts

A solid button-down shirt is an essential piece in every cowboy’s closet, from attending rodeos or horse shows to casual occasions on the town. Constructed using high-performance fabrics that look good while feeling great – making this piece is more than just another garment; rather, it represents sustainable business practices by supporting responsible practices through your purchase decision.

Cinch’s Men’s (MTW1103320) Green Geometric Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt is the ideal addition to any cowboy’s ensemble. Crafted of 100% cotton, it features white Cinch logo embroidery on its left pocket as well as brown plaid contrast trim on its front panel and square buttons on its collar to complete its classic Western aesthetic.

Cinch shirts are specially crafted to accommodate various body styles. Available in regular sizes (M-XXL), big sizes (2XB-6XB), and tall sizes (6XL), these rugged garments boast straight back yokes with one-point front and back yokes for a rugged appearance that stands up against hard work. If you have any queries regarding its fit, feel free to reach out; our staff would be delighted to assist!

Built from 100 percent cotton, our lightweight yet durable shirts are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand wear and wash cycles. Additionally, their soft fabric provides maximum comfort under the scorching summer sun; plus, these shirts have an elegant drape and soft hand that ensure you’ll be feeling great all day long.

Cinch shirts come in multiple colors, including solid white, navy blue, and black, to help create any look you desire for any event or special occasion. Their color options also allow them to coordinate well with other Cinch products like men’s Roper woven hats. With pearl snaps for ease of opening and closing and custom embroidery options available on every product page – make sure you order larger sizes so you can customize them to your specific needs! To help ensure the right fit, take note of our product page’s sizing chart before purchasing.

Western Dress Shirts

Western dress shirts resemble the workwear worn by cowboys and other frontier workers. A distinct pointed yoke found on both front and back of each shirt features long tails to keep from untucking while riding or working cattle, dual chest pockets with pointed flaps, pearl-snap closures down both front placket and cuff closures are hallmarks of an authentic western shirt, set apart from more conventional options by their signature pointed yoke design and pearl snap closures down front placket and on cuff closures all distinguish it from traditional options.

The Western shirt first became iconic in American culture during the mid-2000s with its depiction in Hollywood movies like High Noon and The Good, Bad, and the Ugly. This increased interest in its heritage and inspired designers to take creative liberties that make their versions distinctive from traditional ones; as a result, fashionable Western fashion trends came together with practical workwear clothing in one design that has now become ubiquitous across culture.

Western dress shirts typically feature short-sleeved designs to accommodate for the lack of air conditioning in the Wild West era; otherwise, long sleeves would become too hot and uncomfortable. Furthermore, Western shirts tend to be worn with ties as part of their attire.

Western shirts are constructed using various types of fabric. Chambray and denim fabrics are popular choices; cotton, wool, linens, and other textured plain weave fabrics may also be utilized. Most Western shirts feature contrast trim, piping, or embroidery, as well as earth tones that evoke the natural beauty of the Western landscape.

Flap pockets are an essential feature of Western shirts, often using snap buttons as fasteners that snap open or close with just the push or pull of a finger. Other standard pocket designs include traditional button-based pockets or those with an additional “welt pocket.”

Embroidery is another classic component of western shirts, often stitched in various styles and colors to adorn their collars or cuffs – from floral patterns to geometric Southwestern designs. Rhinestones, appliques, and fringe are other popular additions.

Casual Western Shirts

Be it for rodeoing or simply channeling the casual vibe of the West, there’s a Western shirt for everyone. No longer just limited to vintage clothing stores or costume racks, this timeless fashion staple has made its comeback in fashion stores and costume racks alike. Ranging from sophisticated designs with bold prints and unique details all the way through more spirited versions for special events – there is sure to be one perfect for you and every occasion.

Noble Outfitters or Western Express offer quality western shirts made to last, featuring lightweight yet soft fabric that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long. Additionally, this style has a slimmer fitting body and sleeves, which creates a contemporary aesthetic and comes equipped with traditional pearl snaps as a finishing touch that completes its overall appearance.

The classic Western shirt is an iconic item of frontier clothing designed to endure outdoor activities. Constructed from durable chambray or tartan material with long sleeves and accented by fringe or fringe accents. Yokes that extend down both front and back can also add visual interest, while different pocket styles, such as snap pockets and pouches, complete their classic appearance.

Formally, western shirts make a stunning statement when worn tucked into dress pants and accessorized with a blazer or suit jacket – perfect for special occasions such as weddings and business meetings – while they’re equally appropriate when worn casually with jeans and boots!

For a casual yet stylish look, pair a green western shirt with jeans and sneakers or even joggers – its relaxed appearance enhanced by its long pointed collar with its round hemline is ideal. Add accessories like a leather belt and cowboy hat for extra flair!

Western shirts have seen immense growth in recent years due to celebrity and fashion icon endorsements. Additionally, they’ve been showcased in movies and TV shows, further expanding their visibility. When selecting one from top-rated brands like Levi’s or Wrangler, you can be assured you are receiving an authentic western shirt that will stand the test of time.

Western Embroidery Shirts

An essential design feature of any Western shirt, embroidery, and piping are timeless components that help define its signature look. Piping is a type of trim made up of folded strips of fabric inserted into seams in order to emphasize and draw attention to certain style lines, such as those found on its front yoke, front pockets, or cuffs – often on fabrics of differing colors for an eye-catching effect.

Western shirts distinguish themselves from conventional shirts through the inclusion of snaps on their cuffs, collars, and pockets – one of the primary elements distinguishing them from conventional ones. Prints come in all kinds of materials, such as steel and brass, to rhinestones that add extra shine, single color or multiple colors, embroideries, or plain. Traditionally, pearl snaps were among the first types used; today, there are numerous others.

An integral feature of a Western shirt is the yoke, stitched across both front and back panels of fabric and stitched with thread or stitches to hold its position. Its distinctive, stylized curve stands out from other sports or polo shirts while providing support while riding or working. While its ornamental designs may differ significantly from conventional sports shirts, its functional qualities help shape broad shoulders for hanging or work purposes.

Flap pockets are an integral component of Western shirts and should permanently be closed with buttons or snaps for optimal use. Also referred to as smile pockets due to their unique curved opening, defined by piping that forms an arrow point border piping, these flap pockets provide storage for cowboys’ numerous daily supplies.

Embroidery is another signature feature of Western shirts, featuring designs ranging from floral patterns to skulls and dice. It’s not unusual for western shirts to feature embroidery over their front yoke, cuffs, or pockets – not only as an artistic touch but also to protect from sun and rain by keeping necks covered.