Sanak movie review: Acrobatic Vidyut Jamwal ‘s action thriller

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Once a commando is always a commando is an apt line. The Sanak movie review is a tale of the macho man who has successfully led the commando series. Yes, it is none other than Vidyut Jamwal. The handsome hunk is back with Sanak, hope under siege. Disney+Hotstar has been one of the leading platforms in India in this pandemic. It has brought yet another action pack movie under its belt for the fans.

Many online platforms are running the showbiz at the moment. This time you will see the Commando actor deliver an acrobatic thriller with a trademark storyline. The action hero will surprise you with his skills and lead the story. As you can hear in the trailer, it’s time to tango. So let us see in brief some of the movies in this Sanak movie review.


What is the plot of the film?

The action thriller brings you a trademark storyline. The commando man is up for rescuing his lady love and the other hostages from the perils of evil. The action drama will entertain the audience, as they will capture the dynamic hero who will face odds and fight with the bad guys.

The action sequences are inside a hospital premise. That is being taken under control by a group. The questions like, why did the group take over the hospital? What is their intention for the siege? Are the psychic killers or avenging for some past? These are some of the common doubts that might arise as you see the movie.

With Vidyut Jamwal in the lead role, the film is sure to be entertaining. The film is going to release on October fifteenth. The plot of the movie seems fair and square. But who knows what they might have in store for you.

Sanak movie: Describe the main characters in the film?

Sanak movie review

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The various characters who play a pivotal role in this movie are:

  1. Vivaan Ahuja: Played by Vidyut Jamwal. He is an enemy trainer in the lead role.
  2. Anshika Maitra: Played by Rukmini Maitra. She is the lady love of the action hero.
  3. ACP Jayati Bhargav: Played by Neha Dhupia.
  4. Riyaz Ahmad: Played by Chandan Roy. The villain and leader of the evil group.
  5. Yuri: Played by Daniele Balconi
  6. Taira: Played by Ivy Haralson

These are some of the characters which you will see in the movie. The cast brings in a strong performance and is ready to roll. Make sure you watch the action-thriller and admire the great teamwork who bought Sanak out for you.

What is the IMBD rating of the film and its reviews?

The IMBd rating of the movie is some 7.2 stars out of 10. The film Sanak has an average rating by IMDb. But for all the Vidyut and martial arts fans, the film hits the bulls’ eye. He has been rocking his style and played the role perfectly.

Kicking, jumping, and delivering sound dialogues with power have been his success mantra. And yet again, he is back with the macho man avatar. He will rescue the hostages and fight against the evildoers to win your hearts. Watch the movie on Disney+Hotstar the Sanak movie review sums up here.

Sanak movie review

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Can we see the movie on Amazon Prime?

No, it will only release on Disney+Hotstar.

Is it a real-life story?

No, the movie is not about the real-life event.

Is it a good movie?

Yes, the movie is an action-packed thriller.

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