Sardar Udham movie review: A revolutionary Biopic

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The showbiz is currently waiting for aspiring new actors to shine. Sardar Udham movie review is all about a popular newcomer rising on top. It is no mystery as such, as you all know the person in the leading role. Yes, it is none other than the charismatic Vicky Kaushal.

On one side, our world was affected by the worst time of our lives due to COVID. And on the other side, we saw a new medium taking a leap and leading change in our Bollywood industry. Yes, there is a rise in the number of movies and shows. And hence, many new projects like this one can be seen by us.

The online streaming platforms have just turned the table. It has increased the number of films and attracted people. As a result, we can see movies with safety. We will follow a life cycle of a revolutionary in the Sardar Udham movie review.

Sardar Udham movie: What is the plot of the film?

So here we are, straight to the point. The plot of the story revolves around the life of a revolutionary known as Udham Singh. As it looks, the lead character is a Punjabi played by rising star Vicky Kaushal. The movie is inspired by a real-life event, as it is a biopic.

Who was Udham Singh? How did he become a revolutionary? Which revolution is in this movie? Questions like these cover the main plot of the story. The Jallianwala Bagh massacre, which happened on the thirteenth April of Nineteen hundred and nineteen, gave birth to this revolutionary story.

Sardar Udham Singh plotted the assassination of Michael O Dwyer. This man is said to be responsible for the incident that killed around four hundred people. Sardar Udham survived the massacre to lead a life of an assassin and avenge all those lost lives.


Sardar Udham movie: Describe the main characters in the film?

Sardar Udham movie review

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The various characters who play a pivotal role in this movie are:

  1. Sardar Udham Singh: Played by Vicky Kaushal. He is an assassin in the lead role.
  2. Michael O Dowyer: Played by Shawn Scott. The man who gave orders to fire in the massacre.
  3. Shruti Tiwari: Female lead played by Banita Sandhu
  4. Bhagat Singh: played by Amol Parashar.
  5. Churchill: Played by Tim Hudson
  6. King George sixth: Played by Simon Weir

These are some of the main characters who will be involved in this movie. It is going to release on Amazon Prime. It should be a must-watch on your list as Vicky Kaushal is here to give another classic in this unheard tale of a revolutionary assassin.

Sardar Udham movie: What is the IMBD rating of the movie and its reviews?

You will be surprised to know about the IMBD rating of the Vicky Kaushal acted biopic. The IMBD has rated the movie with a rating of 9.2 out of 10. It is a must-watch.

And he has gained recognition from fans and critics to a new level. He has given another boost to his career with this top-notch performance. After Uri, this is yet another solid display of his talent in the patriotic spirit. Hence, Sardar Udham movie review marks another feather to his cap and is in all praise for the rising actor.

Sardar Udham movie review

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When is it going to release?

On sixteenth October 2021, the film will release.

Is it a real-life story?

Yes, it is based on true events.

Will Vicky Kaushal die?

You will have to see the movie to know further.


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