Scotch & Coke


“Scotch and soda, a jigger of gin, what a spell you’ve cast on me.” The innocence of that historical period was lost when the Kingston Trio released that song. In today’s violent world of insurgency, mayhem, and tragedy, it would be such a pleasant respite if the world took the time to remember a time of refined, sophisticated elegance. Discover the best info about Macallan Genesis 72 Year Old in Lalique.

That jigger of gin, Scotch, and soda. Nothing beats a cup of thick coffee in the morning and a great drink of Scotch to cap off an evening, according to any one of a certain age. We all need a little relaxation after a day fraught with tremendous tension, irritation, and apprehension for most of us.

Our society’s difficulties and tribulations have given way to a sophistication associated with a long-gone era. Too many of us are caught up in the tornado of modern life, or is it just existing? We’ve grown too engrossed with our surroundings’ unparalleled upheaval. Unfortunately, a period of elegance and definite etiquette has vanished in today’s culture. We are now so harried in our attempts to be something that we fail to recognize that establishing this appearance of stability and contentment has redefined the twenty-first century.

A nice glass of Scotch is the equivalent of putting on the Ritz. A mark of sophistication and refinement that was the epitome of an age. An age in which people triumphed in the face of adversity. If only for a moment, I could escape to a self-imposed elegance. I like to think of myself as someone who, like my father before me, takes the time at the end of the day to raise a nice glass of Scotch in appreciation for just getting through the day. This is the epitome of stylish sophistication, a time-honored custom for me.

Reminiscences of a bygone era conjure up pictures of an elegance unrelated to today’s reality. Too frequently, society failed to reclaim any refinement that was the standard during that age when individuals cherished moments at a much simpler and slower pace. With today’s societal and cultural shifts, a new norm favors a more rushed, alienated, and abstract tone. The frantic pace of today’s cities, such as New York and London, leaves one breathless. Today’s society is unaware of a fellowship that developed between people, as was the norm in that civilization many years before.

We should all raise a glass of great Scotch in memory of a time when society was considerably more accustomed to the sophistication and sophisticated manners that reigned more than a half-century ago. By doing so, we may be able to resuscitate the subtle beauty that has long been obscured by the cultural shift that has taken hold of today’s society.

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