Security Solutions to Safeguard your Sensitive Data

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People glued to their smartphones or laptop is a common sight that we come across everywhere, be it a café, local train, metro, home or office. There is explosive growth in the use of apps for getting various things done from the comfort of your home or office. Even organizations have incorporated apps in their work culture to enhance productivity and maintain transparency. The workforce has become tech-savvy and they download various apps for sharing, syncing files, taking notes and communication etc. from the Play store. Some of these apps may not be secure and thus are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Therefore today’s business environment needs a holistic approach to App protection.

What are the common security threats to Apps?

Once the Apps are downloaded, they are no longer under the control of the developer. Hackers can easily decrypt sensitive information stored in the app. Tampering with the app may result in the following security threats:

  • App cloning
  • IP threat
  • Stolen login credentials
  • Stolen credit card information
  • Credential threat
  • Malicious code injections
  • Unauthorized access
  • Account takeover
  • Broad system attacks, and many more
  • A leak of SMS and other private messages

The best approach is to protect your applications against such malicious attacks. Applications can be layered with both static and dynamic app protection. A combination of code hardening techniques such as encryption and code obfuscation can keep the app protected and your sensitive information and data safe from hackers.

What is Mobile App testing?

Cybersecurity experts have devised various strategies to test the app against any vulnerability, so that any threat may be identified and necessary corrective action taken well in time. They sometimes create realistic cyberattacks to identify any area that is prone to theft.

What are the advantages of App protection?

App security involves identifying, fixing and increasing the security of the apps that have been downloaded on your device. It is imperative to protect the apps for the following reasons:

  1. It keeps your device and apps safe – Nowadays we install apps for every small thing and store important personal data like photographs, personal information, bank details and other sensitive information that may cause financial or reputational harm if leaked. Therefore it becomes important to secure the apps installed on your device so that no unauthorized person can access these apps. The apps can be locked with the help of a digital lock, a bio lock or an alphanumeric lock which can be opened by the authorized person only. Thus adding a layer of security will keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Builds Customer Trust – The fundamental requirement for business growth is the trust factor that takes quite some time to build. If the organization fails to maintain the confidentiality of the customer data, they risk losing the trust of their clients. Therefore, it is necessary to keep all the data safe, whether it is related to customer information or the company itself. Protection of sensitive information has to be ensured by employing various security solutions that are available nowadays.
  3. Financial safety – Internet banking and UPI are the new normal as people have got used to doing big financial transactions from the comfort of their homes. Gone are the days when people used to stand in queues outside their bank or ATM. Everything is available at the click of a finger. Although very convenient, you are required to feed your personal information to avail of these services. App protection ensures that you make financial transactions without worrying about your information falling into wrong hands.
  4. Security Monitoring – Using key security solutions not only protects your app but also helps monitor and analyse key security data of your application environment. They also set alarms and web-hooks so that the backend may be notified so that fraud may be prevented in time.

Let us take a look at some of the mobile solutions that can take care of security issues and deliver significant benefits.

  • Biometrics – Anyone can enter a password to access the apps. Biometrics is a fool-proof way of securing the apps installed on your mobile. The developer can only ensure that the password entered matches the one that has been saved. Biometrics, such as iris scan, fingerprint scan or face recognition, on the other hand, are presented live and hence offer a more secure alternative.
  • Strong Authentication – Sometimes people use weak passwords that can easily be cracked by hackers. As a result of a data breach in the previous years, many passwords are readily available on the dark web. Always keep passwords that are strong and hard to guess, so that no one can make a random guess and access your files. Weak passwords, although easy to remember, may compromise the security of your device.
  • Identity Verification – a strong user identification process ensures that only genuine users access the app and prevents anyone with malicious intent from logging in to the app.
  • Be Careful while downloading Data – Users should be wary of the data they download from the internet and also the personal information that they unintentionally disclose. Mobile devices store a lot of unintended information that becomes a possible treasure-trove for hackers.
  • Provides resistance against Reverse engineering – By applying a layer of security, you can effectively prevent hackers from reverse engineering and tampering.
  • Meet security Mandatory security requirements – Security solutions ensure that your app meets the standard data regulations and security requirements without affecting usage.

Wrapping up:

In today’s tech-savvy generation, App protection is the need of the hour to keep your sensitive data safe. Here, it should be noted that a balance has to be maintained between the security and the usability of the App. If the App requires a lengthy authentication process, people may find it challenging and hesitate from using it. However, weak security makes the app vulnerable and prone to data theft. Appsealing provides user-friendly solutions that help secure your app while being convenient to use. Application security solutions also increase the operational efficiency of the app while following all compliance regulations.

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