Should You Install UV Light Sanitizers at Work

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Investing in a UV light sanitizer for work has many benefits, from effective germ elimination to reduced labor costs. The germicidal UVC light has been used to sterilize hospital exam rooms and other surfaces for many years. Modern units are flexible and work in various settings, providing autonomous disinfection in unoccupied rooms.

Here are five reasons why you should install UV light sanitizers at the workplace:

1 . UV Sanitization Is Safe and Effective

Safety is one of the top benefits of using UV light sanitizers. Unlike harsh chemicals and bleaches, UV light is safe for the environment. The sanitizers eliminate the need for chemical toxins that usually end in groundwater and streams. UV light is gentle on your surfaces and doesn’t cause any abrasion or undesirable reaction. You can use UV light sanitizers on hard surfaces, fabrics, office appliances, desk items, and more. In addition, UV light can disinfect the air.

Sanitizing with ultraviolet light removes up to 99.9% of common pathogens, including SARS Cov-2, that causes Covid-19. Other pathogens you can eliminate using UV light sanitizers include E. coli, C. diff., MRSA, Salmonella C. Auris, and Norovirus. UV and violet-blue light penetrate microbes to cause damage to the DNA and RNA material. In addition, the light eliminates any chances of immunity, so all exposed pathogens will die, making UV one of the most effective solutions. 

2 . UV Light Sanitizers Are Autonomous

Installing UV light sanitizers brings autonomous disinfection to the workplace. Once installed, the units will emit germicidal UVC light whenever the space is unoccupied, eliminating all exposed pathogens. The lamps can face any direction, including the ceiling, floor, or specific areas and appliances. Autonomous disinfection keeps the room and objects germ-free and ready for the following user. UV light sanitizers turn on/off automatically using motion sensors.

You can install UV-emitting lamps anywhere, including in the doctor’s office and examination room. In addition, UV light sanitizers are perfect for disinfecting reception areas, hallways, washrooms, employee break rooms, and convention facilities. You can install fixed units to provide round-the-clock disinfection and add portable UV sanitizers for hard-to-reach areas. The mobile units feature height-adjustable lengths and smooth casters for easy targeting and movement.

3 . UV Light Sanitizers Are Cost-Effective

The initial capital investment may seem steep for companies still relying on bleaches and chemical disinfectants. However, investing in a UV light sanitizer for work will result in long-term cost-efficiency. A typically fixed UV light unit can stay in position for several years with minimal maintenance and inspection. Additional supplies aren’t necessary because UV light units use electricity. The team can disinfect your space and items without human aid.

UV light sanitization reduces the labor cost of disinfecting workplace rooms, surfaces, and spaces. You don’t need to move around or wipe down every surface. The lamps are installed facing the precise areas you want to be disinfected. UV light units will sanitize everything within reach of the germicidal radiations instantly. The sanitizers work autonomously and can be controlled remotely. It would help if you had fewer workers disinfect with UV, unlike chemicals.

4 . UV Light Sanitizers Are Versatile

Modern UV light sanitizers are versatile and perfect for workplace settings, including schools, commercial outlets, public transport, and healthcare. You can use fixed units to disinfect specific rooms and surfaces. The mobile units offer the flexibility of disinfecting more areas and items. You don’t need a different setting or harsher disinfectants for high-traffic areas. The same germicidal wavelength will eliminate germs in the office, hallways, toilets, and entrances.

UV light sanitizers are user-friendly and adapt to different situations. You can point the germicidal UVC light towards walls, floors, desks and counters, appliances, drawers & cabinets, and devices. You can use them to remove viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites. Manufacturers provide various sizes to find custom solutions for your office and workplace spaces. In addition, the light can disinfect upholstery, windows, door handles, and more.

5 . UV Sanitization Builds Confidence Sustainably 

The coronavirus pandemic has made workers more concerned about sharing offices and rooms. UV light sanitization offers a great way to build confidence as it eliminates nearly all pathogens. The lights work autonomously, ensuring the space is free from germs before the next person walks in. Employees can work better knowing the company is doing enough to guarantee a safe distance.

UV light sanitization is sustainable and offers a better way to disinfect the workplace. Workers and visitors don’t have to put up with solid chemical scents and their long-term health risks. UV disinfection is fully automated and highly effective. All you need is a proven, trusted UV light sanitizer brand that can meet your disinfection needs. In addition, UV sanitization will build worker and guest confidence in your business and dedication to safety.

The Best UV Light Sanitizer for Work

You need the best UV light sanitizer for work to guarantee the benefits mentioned above. Working with top brands can deliver high-quality UV light sanitizers and quality installation. Contact a supplier today to get your UV light disinfectant.

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