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Are you fond of a Simms challenger jacket? I am very much fond of this jacket, as this jacket can be worn every season. If you want to wear that in the rainy season also you can do that. The jacket is different from the others. The shell fabric is more waterproof, more durable, and more breathable. You won’t feel heavy and realize that you are wearing anything. You can carry it very easily.

This is more known as the fishing Simms challenger jacket. Those who love fishing can busy this. I assure you guys you will definitely love the quality. In the market, various fishing jackets are available, but once you use the simmer challenger jacket. Those who have made their mind to purchase the jacket for them I am going to put together some of the important and unavoidable features, So further delay let’s get started,

Top features of Simms challenger jacket

The jacket is a fishing jacket- One of the most vital features is the jacket is waterproof. Wherever you go fishing, you might have to face the bad rainy weather. To deal with that weather, the Simms challenger jacket will go undoubtedly. The jacket comes with an adjustable storm hood. The waterproof breathable quality keeps you warm all the time. The jacket keeps you dry and focused as well. The chest logo is on the backside and on the chest.

Toray Fabric technology– The Simms challenger jacket is made of by using the Toray fabric technology. This technology is specially made for fishing jackets. The microporous coating uses 2 layered coated fabric and one single membrane layer just to improve the product quality and durability.

Waterproof jacket- The jacket is completely waterproof. It is a 100% water resistance jacket, comes with a YKK zipper as well. The taped seam prevents water leakage during the heavy rain when you are fishing. All the zips are made of nylon which makes sure the zip will not corrode.

Comfortable and adjustable jacket- the Simms challenger jacket is very comfortable and adjustable too. The best thing, which I like the most is, the jacket has a dual drawcord-adjustable bottom and also has 3 points adjustable storm hood in the collar. The jacket has a zipped chest pocket, a front zipper storm flap. You will get sunglasses along with this jacket.

Handle with care– You can wash the jacket in the machine or with your hand. If you wash this in a machine, then make sure to keep the machine in delicate mode. Do not keep it in hard mode. Use cold water for washing. Use mild detergent for washing. Detergent which does not contain bleach can be used. Manual washing is more effective.

About Simms

Simms Challenger Jacket – The company has been in this market since 1980. It’s a great solid jacket. I loved the jacket as it is breathable. You won’t feel any kind of irritation or discomfort while wearing it. It’s a great jacket for the rainy season and cold. You can place an order online to purchase the jacket online.

You can purchase it from their own site or from other sites as well. They will provide you online delivery service. Create your account on the site and choose the product and add it to the cart. Lastly, check out from the cart and pay the amount. They will ask you for your address and contact details. Envy your friend with the challenger jacket.

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When Simms start their business?

In 1980 Simms started their business.

Where is Simms located?

Simms is located in Bozeman, Montana.

What is the main business of Simms?

Simms is into the fishing gear and flies fishing gear business.