Snir Moshe Hananya – Online Marketing Expert Explains SEO-based Web Design

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When using the internet, you may have come across different websites offering various types of content and services. Almost every website has a different design and different navigation properties in the internet sector. However, you would have also come across several too congested websites or had a peculiar way of presenting their navigation options.

Such websites are a clear example of the lack of dedication and interest by web designers while designing such websites. The reason for creating and launching a website is to attract as many visitors as possible. For this purpose, the website needs to be designed in a fashion that indeed attracts visitors. This is the reason why online marketing experts such as Snir Moshe Hananya highly recommend creating a website based on fulfills search engine optimization principles.

Therefore, Snir Moshe Hananya has explained what you need to keep in mind when designing a website. Snir Moshe Hananya’s explanation is about creating an SEO-friendly website.

Avoid Using Flash on Your Website as a Source for Navigation

When it comes to navigation on your website, try going for a method other than Flash. If your website’s navigation is based on Flash, it can be challenging for the search engines to crawl on it. Until or unless you have an ample amount of knowledge about the Flash objects, it is advised you do not go for it. You need to know about making Flash things friendly for web crawlers.

Instead of going for Flash, you can go for unobtrusive JavaScript and even CSS for making your navigation effects look fancy and attractive.

Make Your HTML Document as Light as Possible

According to Snir Moshe Hananya, developers usually ruin their websites from an SEO point of view by adding CSS and JavaScript codes to the HTML document. Doing so makes the principles much longer than usual, making them difficult for the crawlers. This causes the crawlers to take more time than usual to navigate.

This can be avoided by externalizing the codes that are for CSS and JavaScript. The process of externalization can take the pressure off the HTML script and allow the crawlers to navigate faster. This way, the search engine gains the ability to search content much quicker and bring more visitors to your website.

Keep Feeding Quality Content to Your Website

Without a doubt, a website’s life force is the content that is present on it. Therefore, the content you add to your website must be high quality and in a particular order. Such content proves extremely friendly to the search engines and brings your website in the early results.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your website has an abundance of high-quality content that is well structured and well maintained. Make sure that your website is home to the range with proper headings, links, and paragraphs.

Go for Easy URLs for Your Website

Even URLs tend to go a long way in search engines. The websites often end up making very complex URLs, which only makes it difficult for the search engines to crawl through. Therefore, you need to set up URLs as simplified as possible and have keywords that better represent the particular page.

Block Pages You Do Not Want Indexed

If you have several pages on your website that hold no significant value or benefit for your website, then it is better to block them. You can stop the index for such pages for search engines and only keep the pages with valuable content. At times, such pages on your website could be where you carry out testing for newer content or features on your website.

Be Extra Careful with Website Designing for SEO

Remember, these are not the only points you need to keep in mind when setting up a website for high SEO visibility. You need to keep in mind several issues when going for a website. These points are not absolute, and you can go with your strategy if you know SEO optimization.

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