SolidWorks Training Files


If you are attending a SOLIDWORKS training course, the training files must be ready. They will be used extensively during class. Learn the best info about آموزش سالیدورک.

Training files are available both for online classes and instructor-led classes and come in various zipped file formats for your convenience.

Training on SOLIDWORKS File Structure provides details about its file structure, file references, and their associativity – essential knowledge for anyone managing multi-user environments.

Training Files

Once you’ve taken one of our courses, the electronic SOLIDWORKS Training files provide access to practice exercises and follow along at your leisure – helping to cement what has been learned in class! They’re also a great way to test what knowledge has been acquired!

SOLIDWORKS Training Files are organized into lessons and contain two folders – Case Studies and Exercise. Case Studies contain base model files used throughout the course while exercises offer exercises at the end of every lesson. Depending on the course you take, additional base models may also be included as part of this file set.

Extract your zipped folder onto your C: Drive, and move the Training Templates folder there as well. This will make locating and loading templates into SOLIDWORKS much simpler!

To extract a zipped folder, right-click and select ‘Extract All.’ When the Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders dialog box opens up, choose C: Drive as your extraction destination and click on ‘Extract’ to complete.

If you are using SOLIDWORKS 2022 or earlier, download and store the SOLIDWORKS CAD templates that correspond with the version year of the manual you are taking (for instance Fileset CDT2200 corresponds with PMT2200 (2022 Essentials). When ready, go to the Training Files page and search the Keyword Search textbox (the results column will list template set names). When complete, move these to C: Drive before following these steps to load into SOLIDWORKS.

Training Manual

SOLIDWORKS training courses can be taken either via live online classes with certified instructors, self-paced learning, or on-site classes – each tailored to meet the needs and budget of individuals who take them. Self-paced learning provides individuals an easy way to learn at their own pace or complete courses at convenient times; classes cover SOLIDWORKS products like SOLIDWORKS CAD, Simulation, Electrical, and PDM.

As part of your preparations for the SOLIDWORKS Training Class: It is critical that your SOLIDWORKS Training Files and Templates be ready before attending class on day 1. Your files will play an integral part in learning SOLIDWORKS; therefore they must be ready.

Accessing SOLIDWORKS Training Files: You can find SOLIDWORKS training files on their website as a standard zip folder (.zip). When searching, type in Training in the Keyword Search textbox, then click Download next to “SOLIDWORKS Training Files.” Once found, choose which version year will run throughout your class – for instance, if taking an Essentials course then select 2022 when downloading your filesets.

Once the SOLIDWORKS Training Files have been downloaded, they should be extracted to a location on your computer (typically C: drive) before moving them into the SOLIDWORKS Training Templates Folder to use them with your SOLIDWORKS Training Manual for reference during class sessions.

Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Training Files: When working with SOLIDWORKS training files, it is advisable to stick to the default settings to optimize performance. Alterations to these defaults could alter both the functionality and aesthetic appearance of SOLIDWORKS programs; until you become an experienced user you should stick with what comes standard until learning to customize them yourself.

Javelin offers a comprehensive selection of SOLIDWORKS courses spanning CAD, Simulation, Electrical, and PDM at all skill levels – from beginners to experts. In addition, Javelin also offers SOLIDWORKS CAM Surfacing Sheet Metal classes online or with one of their certified instructors or authorized Resellers across Canada.

MySolidWorks Lessons

MySolidWorks is a web portal designed to connect you with the resources and expertise necessary for greater productivity. It features online lessons, videos, and 3D CAD models as well as a forum where you can ask questions of the SOLIDWORKS community and receive answers in return. Furthermore, MySolidWorks can be accessed in several languages through any browser – no matter the platform of choice!

MySolidWorks Lessons are individual learning modules created by SOLIDWORKS experts to assist users in learning at their own pace. These lessons can complement instructor-led training classes while broadening knowledge of SOLIDWORKS topics; lessons may be filtered by version (2017 for instance) or topic e.g. Conceptual Design, Mold Design, or Surfacing. Furthermore, Learning Paths allow lessons to be organized into collections based on common themes.

This online product tutorial video library boasts more than 1,000 lessons, covering every aspect of SOLIDWORKS from basic features to advanced functionality, SOLIDWORKS certification prep courses and Visualize lessons – plus SOLIDWORKS Simulation product suite (such as how to test assemblies and thin structures).

Other learning and support resources available to users of SOLIDWORKS include its Customer Portal, which makes it easy to share files and collaborate with other users. You can also access SOLIDWORKS eCourses which convert instructor-led training manuals into self-paced eLearning courses; while MySolidWorks Manufacturing Network makes connecting with reliable manufacturers simpler than ever.

MySolidWorks is an intuitive application designed to help you learn SOLIDWORKS on your own time and at your own pace. It contains hundreds of SOLIDWORKS video lessons designed by experts for comprehensive understanding. Furthermore, MySolidWorks boasts over 1 Million 3D CAD models which you can search and download via 3D ContentCentral; please note this requires a separate account.

MySolidWorks eCourses

MySolidWorks eCourses are comprehensive courses adapted from SOLIDWORKS instructor-led training manuals into self-paced eLearning, giving you complete freedom in how and when you learn. Each lesson features explanations, videos, quizzes and filter options such as compatibility with specific CAD software programs, language used during lessons, or access levels – even example files can be directly downloaded from videos!

MySolidWorks currently offers more than 600 SOLIDWORKS eCourses, many of which focus on specific features while others cover multiple topics. Some courses even feature certification programs, offering certificates to those who successfully pass.

MySolidWorks provides access to a range of helpful resources in its Support tab, such as system requirements for running SOLIDWORKS, links for downloading software updates and service packs, What’s New documentation, Administration Guides, Help Desk contact details as well as upload/view Service Requests/Software Performance Reports created on your behalf by VARs.

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for makers offers an abundance of high-quality, free 3D models to use. These can be found either within MySolidWorks’ Model Library or downloaded directly from sites like YouTube and Twitter. Users can even connect with fellow users and share their models through the SOLIDWORKS Manufacturers Network.

MySolidWorks Buzz provides news and discussions related to SOLIDWORKS, as well as accessing various Tech Blogs about it. There is also a useful CAD Models library uploaded by other users which can save significant time when compared with modeling these manually.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is an intuitive computational fluid dynamics tool that lets you model and analyze fluid flows and heat transfer issues, helping you optimize designs for weight, strength, and manufacturability before physical prototypes are fabricated, which ultimately lowers costs and enhances product quality.