Splat Hair Dye Review: Break the Monotony – add colors to your life!

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No wonder we all love to experiment with our hair; from trying out different hairstyles to dying our hair with fresh and vibrant colors, we will love to go all the way.

Why do we dye our hair?

Plenty of reasons are there, and honestly, the ‘why’ is nobody’s business! Dying our hair is undoubtedly the ‘in’ fashion in recent times, and why shouldn’t it be? It gives us a very fresh and sleek look. Since the trend of hair dying is growing by the day, we bring you the best color by far SPLAT HAIR COLOUR “. It has various color profiles like light, darker shades, or monochrome.

We have many queries and doubts “about whether we should opt for the product”? Here is the honest review of “SPLAT HAIR DYE,” which you can’t miss.  Before buying, always check first splat reviews, acquire information, and proceed.

Splat Hair Dye general outlook:

Splat hair dye was developed to offer lively and affordable hair color to the world in 1991 in Southern California. It offers an ample range of various shades, methods, and formulas. Splat hair dye offers complete packaging with bleach, color, aftercare, and gloves. 23 colors come in various formats: natural, ten wash, semi-permanent, splat hair chalk, and temporary.

The company’s products are available on its website and in multiple marketplaces such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart. You need to bleach your hair before you can color it. If you need such bright colors, bleaching is your only option. Hair bleaching may sound worrisome, but don’t worry. Splat review helps to know about the uses of baobab seed oil and quinoa extract to nourish hair. The Splat formula is also free of parabens, sulfates, and ammonia.

The “Splat Original Complete Kit” offers both bleach and color, and the “Original Single” is the same color as the original complete set but comes in a small package without bleach. If you don’t want to bleach your hair, the Midnight Collection is for you. Great for medium brown to light hair tones. Midnight magenta looks magical without fading but still gives it a bold look. The latest “Double Lift” collection brings existing shades to light and, at the same time, deposits colors.

The “10 wash” collection comes out in 10 washes and the “1 wash” comes out in one wash. Wait, there is also a fashionable “Ombre” collection where you have two hair colors.

splat reviews

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Price: On their websites, Amazon, and other retailers, the price is $ 5.00 for the original single, $ 8.99 for the temporary hair color collection, and $ 14.99 for the premium collection.

Splat reviews Price: The price is quite affordable. It’s a very good deal for such bright and bold colors.

Quality: There are various opinions about quality. Some say it can damage the hair and cause the color to fade quickly. Others loved it. Overall, we need to try it, and it’s worth it.

Of the various options in the splat reviews, the most popular ones are “Pure Sapphire Blue Hair Die,” “Crimson Obsession Red,” “Splat Ombre Hair Dye,” and last but not least, the “Splat Original Complete” kit.

• Positive Rating: I dye my hair almost every other month, and this pink is my must-have. Splats are affordable, and most colors are perfect. Purple / Pink / Red / Blue.  My daughter and I loved it -Leo M

• Negative Review • I purchased the item. After applying the product to my hair and taking a shower for 24 hours, I noticed a lot of blue in the shower. My hair is light, and I’m not very happy with it.-Scott check splat reviews and then chooses the best product.

Return Option: Returns are possible if the item was purchased only from their website.

The process is very simple:

  • You can exchange and return the product within 30 days of purchase and must give the order number and return authorization number.
  • If the return request is accepted for damaged products, the credit should be received within seven days.


Does Splat Hair Dye damages hair?

Many customers say that it damages hair making it rough.Though it has a line claiming bleach,paraben,sulfate free.

Is Splat worth buying?

Frankly there was many negative reviews than positive ones.Many buyers say that it damages hair,the colour fades very early leaving stains in the hair.

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