Studio 54 Fashion That Never Goes Out of Style


Studio 54 fashion was known for creating an atmosphere of disco glamour that made you feel like a star – think sexy jumpsuits, Farrah Fawcett-esque hairdos, and sequined dresses!

At this acclaimed New York club, sartorial rules were generally loose yet experimental; some guidelines, however, remained strict: polyester shirts were forbidden (according to former security staff), while bare midriffs and bodysuits with plunging necklines were highly accepted.

Plunging Neckline Tops and Dresses

Studio 54 became an unforgettable club of all time, forever changing party styles. Diane Von Furstenberg made history in Studio 54 through her iconic wrap dresses and fishnets; Cher was famously in velvet jumpsuits; velvet jumpsuits had high slits that dizzy you; this period of disco glamour has become legendary in its own right. This era blurred the distinction between daywear and evening attire more clearly; now is your time to bring back some 70s flair with these show-stopping pieces from Studio 54!

Matt Tyrnauer’s exhibit at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art pays homage to the influence of fashion club FAME on society through photographs, artifacts, and video footage – including clips featuring Michael Jackson with an impressive mop top as he describes how much fun he had there before entering its dance floors. Visitors may watch young Michael speak fondly of its impact before entering for himself to dance the night away!

The gallery showcases Studio 54 fashion in all splendor, from dresses to shoes and hats. One highlight is a pair of Fiorucci chainmail pumps once worn by Bianca Jagger and Halston, and there is even a rare video featuring Jerry Hall and Cher performing together at Studio 54 while wearing matching satin-velvet two-pieces.

Unable to experience the place without actually visiting, this exhibition does an outstanding job of recreating it. Visitors explore galleries with flashing lights and projections of uninhibited stars glimmering brightly – making for a memorable and thrilling journey through time and space! Be prepared for a lively experience that may have you dancing in your seat!

By channeling Studio 54’s decadent aesthetics, you can easily craft an outfit for a night out at Studio 54. Add essential party season pieces – from metallic paisleys and soft faux furs to body-cinching minis and waist-cinching pencil skirts – into your closet for instant style inspiration! Check out the latest collection of Studio 54 fashion now – there is sure to be something suitable!


Sequins add a glamorous and glamorous flair to outfits. Made of small, shiny ornamental discs glued or sewn onto cloth as a decoration or high-end fashion such as bridal wear to enhance its value and display its craftsmanship, sequins come in various shapes and sizes, such as flat with center hole discs that have circular bases; rectangular versions with leaf shapes; matte, glittery or metallic finishes can all makeup sequins’ variety of shapes and sizes – no matter the outfit you wear them for.

Sequined costumes and accessories first made waves in Western fashion after the 1922 discovery of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb, decorated with intricate gold spangles. Later used to embellish flapper dresses during the 1930s. Today sequins can be made of plastic or metal reflecting light; plastic ones may even be dyed to achieve different colors and finishes.

Radiant Matter is one of the few companies producing sequins from recycled materials and makes partially recycled sequins (using 20% recycled PET and 80% virgin polyester), biodegradable sequins crafted from tree-based cellulose with the same polymer structure as conventional plastic sequins, as well as clear and shiny biodegradable sequins that can be composted or recycled once their life cycle ends. Radiant Matter partnered with London designer Paula Knorr to develop these clear and shiny biodegradable sequins!

Sequins of Love is another sustainable sequin producer, using recycled garments from local charities as raw material to craft its sparkling embellishments. Free from lead, cadmium, and phthalates, produced using an eco-friendly carbon-neutral water-based process, Sequins of Love has recently developed new designs that eliminate washing or ironing requirements.

Sequined fabrics come in various styles, spanning glam rock t-shirts to elegant evening gowns. Their eye-catching appeal can be worn throughout the year; in printed materials, especially when narrow strips trace patterns and motifs.


Studio 54, an iconic nightclub founded in New York’s 1970s, remains synonymous with glamour, style, and excess. While its glory days may have passed them by, its spirit lives on today as modern trendsetters embrace disco style in fashion with daring outfits that radiate glamour like no other can. From sequin dresses to wide-legged trousers, this timeless fashion trend will make you feel glamorous wherever it takes place!

Studio 54 may have been known as an exclusive nightclub, but it wasn’t exclusive to only those in high society. Anyone willing to put on a show and work the dance floor could experience its magic. A documentary recently premiered at Tribeca Film Festival shows how regulars could experiment with fashion and express themselves onstage and beyond; drag queens were celebrated, while Rubell had his distinct style when selecting who should enter that night; the footage shows him wearing a Hawaiian shirt while choosing potential attendees; also, Rubell reprimanded one hopeful for wearing a hat while splitting couples up on queue.

Documenting Studio 54 from its inception to today, this documentary also showcases some of its most well-known visitors like Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli, and Bianca Jagger – among many more! No shortage of celebrities has graced its dancefloor over time.

The exhibition also showcases photographs from fashion shows by designers such as Valentino, Kenzo, Claude Montana, and Charles Jourdan. Visitors can view original sketches showing what Alvin Ailey dancers would wear for Kay Thompson-choreographed opening performances of Alvin Ailey dancers.

The exhibit is an absolute must for those curious about New York City during an economic struggle when its glory was beginning to return. Visitors will see black-and-white photos of Studio 54 hallways and an advertisement from that period placed by one of New York City’s many magazines for Studio 54 club in its window display window ad window. These pieces remind us that New York was once again becoming home for artists, musicians, fashion designers, and writers seeking refuge from suburbia.

Statement Jewellery

Studio 54 was an institution during the ’70s for self-discovery and daring sensuality, providing the perfect party place for this trend to flourish. Famed Manhattan nightclub known for its eclectic clientele inspired a striking fashion aesthetic that still influences today’s trendsetters; from plunging neckline tops and dresses with plunging necklines to metallic accessories and sequins, Studio 54 remains relevant today with timeless looks such as those seen here!

At first glance, this sexy trend’s most striking characteristic is its dramatic V-neckline with its deep V-shaped cut that plunges below the collar. This cut creates a stunning look and pairs beautifully with any seductive outfit imaginable; furthermore, its deep V-shape offers more coverage while accentuating decolletage – perfect for Studio 54-inspired casual eyes that remain seductive and comfortable! Wear this style with high-waisted jeans and platform shoes for a sexy yet relaxed feel!

Another favorite style at Studio 54 is the versatile wrap dress, available in multiple shapes and sizes. Perfect for formal dinners and casual parties alike, wrap dresses come with a range of materials from satin velvet so that you can find one to suit your taste.

Add statement earrings, a bold bracelet, and a choker necklace for an extra dose of drama and glam! Jewellery was an integral part of Studio 54, as evidenced by guests like Bianca Jagger donning gold-plated flower crowns or Cher wearing sequinned bodystockings with matching wigs – the two examples being examples from guests that frequented it such as Bianca Jagger or Cher.

This exhibition opened this spring and showcases vintage photographs and video footage of Studio 54’s famous patrons, such as Grace Jones swirling her batwing blouse to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive song that became synonymous with the Studio 54 party atmosphere.