Takagi Ramen Review: How to choose the Best

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In this article, I’m going to do takagi ramen review. Since 1987, Takagi Ramen has grown to become one of Singapore’s best-known restaurants. The restaurant started as a humble soup house on a small road in the Geylang Keng area.

Takagi Ramen Review

During that time, the couple discovered soup as their specialty, and when they decided to open a Ramen restaurant, it became even more popular. Today, Takagi Ramen still serves its traditional Ramen dish, but it also specializes in other Asian delights such as sushi and Chinese stir-fry. After having a brief introduction to this Takagi ramen review, now let’s discuss how it is different from any other ramen.

Takagi Ramen Review: How is it different from Japanese ramen?

The unique thing about Takagi Ramen in Singapore is that they have a unique way of preparing their noodles in a bowl. From your trip to Japan, you may remember that Japanese restaurants typically have a separate section where their bowl of ramen comes out.

Sometimes these ramen cravings will also include vegetables, kuromame, and other fillings. At Takagi, all you would get is a bowl of noodles, which can be served as is or else served with additional items that would set it apart from the rest. To have a complete takagi ramen review, let’s check out some famous dishes of Takagi ramen.

Takagi Ramen Review: Popular Dishes of Takagi Ramen

Soft Boiled White Rice

One of the most famous dishes served at Takagi Ramen is the soba or soft-boiled white rice. The boiled rice is kept for twelve hours in a flavorful stock, then add the soda and mix thoroughly. Then it’s served with tender chicken.

Chicken Shirataki

In addition to the soba, there are some other well-known dishes at this Ramen restaurant. Their chicken shirataki (roasted chicken) is one of the best chicken dishes in the world. This dish is prepared in a charcoal bowl with thin chicken slices and cooked on unique cast iron grills. It’s then topped with a delicious sauce that includes calamari (fish cake) and wasabi. To enhance the flavor, even more, Takagi ramen chefs sprinkle extra wasabi onto the dish after it’s been served.

Satay Noodles

The noodles themselves come in many different varieties, but a good example would be the Satay. The noodles themselves come in a variety of colors, as well as flavors. For example, one could get ones that would go well with seafood, some that would go well with sweet sauces, and some that would go well with spicy foods.

Singaporean Telur

Another famous noodle is the Singaporean Telur, which is wheat noodles that are very easy to chew and wouldn’t make any fuss when one is eating a wholesome meal at a restaurant.

Signature Takagi Noodles

Another dish in this Takagi ramen review would be the signature Takagi noodles, which have a distinctly sweet flavor. These noodles are made from flour mixed with egg white and are then formed into a bowl shape. As you can imagine, the filling also has an array of fillings and may include vegetables, meat, and other items as well. Some popular fillings include mango, garlic, and Mayo.

Takagi Ramen Review


By the end of this takagi ramen review, I hope now you understand how it differs from any other ramen in the world. In conclusion, Takagi Ramen in Singapore is different from any other Japanese restaurant in the world.

The real difference is more about the aesthetic appeal and presentation. Ramen lovers will enjoy this unique take on traditional Japanese food. However, if you are looking for authentic Japanese food, I suggest heading to one of the many ramen cafes in Singapore. It truly is a beautiful fusion of Japanese and non-japanese cuisine.

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Who is the owner of takagi ramen?

The owner of the takagi ramen is Yang Kaiheng.

What is the contact no. of Takagi ramen?

+65 9170 7870 is the contact no. of Takagi ramen.


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