The Best Chinese Food in Westbury


Hunan restaurant stands out with a unique, artistic atmosphere created from blonde wood boards, making an impressionful first impression. Mifen (Hunan rice noodles) are one of its signature items; additionally, it provides local favorites like mutton-leg stew and other delicacies like lamb neck.

At Samanea New York Mall on Old Country Road, an “eaterie row” has emerged featuring 99 Ranch Asian supermarket and Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai; both chains specialize in multicolored soup dumplings.

Hunan Slurp

Hunan Slurp, a contemporary Chinese restaurant in the East Village, features authentic, comforting flavors. Chef Wang uses whole spices like garlic, chili peppers, and Sichuan peppercorns in his dishes; these add depth and contrast while maintaining distinct flavors. Wang also emphasizes rice noodle dishes from his hometown, such as signature fish fillet men, which include wok-fried fish fillets with glass noodles in milky white pork bone broth for an unforgettable taste experience.

Curved wooden slats line the walls and ceiling of this slim space designed by New Practice Studio. Their innovative approach to traditional noodle shop design breaks free from overcrowded tables and clanging dishes at Chinese restaurants.

Green Garden Village

Green Garden Village is one of the first independent renewable energy businesses operating locally in the US in Osceola County and serving as a leader in renewable energy production.

Green Garden Village and Wu’s Wonton King have joined Farmers Restaurant in revitalizing a New York Cantonese restaurant style that had fallen on hard times. Both establishments utilize small dining rooms while expanding old-guard Cantonese and Chinese-American menus with bold soups, popular dim sum offerings, and diverse seafood offerings at surprising affordability.

Roast pig has crispy skin and tender meat; gei lan is super-authentic with an undertone of smoke from its wok; also try their fried rice dish that features chunks of preserved pork!

Eight Tables

Eight Tables is the fine-dining mecca of China Live’s complex, serving up luxe Sifengcai dinner experiences with contemporary Chinese cuisine. On its second floor is space for eight parties sitting around beautifully polished tables featuring brass inlaid Lazy Susans; owner/executive chef George Chen frequently visits each party throughout the night to satisfy everyone and ensure their pleasure.

A nine-course tasting menu is visually and culinary stimulating, featuring small bite selections that represent all nine essential flavors of Chinese cooking, starting from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes before moving into more intense spice or heat sensations.

Jian Bing

Jian bing, or Jian Bao in Chinese, has become an incredibly popular food since its creation nearly 2000 years ago. Combining soft crepe-like pancakes and omelets with different fillings such as luncheon meat or preserved mustard stems along with crunchy crackers known as about (or bo cui) hackers to produce an irresistibly delicious blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, Jian Bing remains one of the world’s favorite comfort meals today.

Chinese breakfast crepes are an easy, tasty, inexpensive, and nutritious treat, popular among many Chinese people who don’t enjoy wheat-based products such as dosa or crepes. A donut crepe makes an ideal breakfast treat.

Bo Ky

Bo Ky is an unpretentious noodle restaurant offering traditional Teochew cuisine, also known as Chaoshan or Chaozhou cuisine, offering both Chinese and Vietnamese soups for quick lunchtime bites. Perfect!

Restaurant of Asia serves an assortment of delicious dishes such as country duck that has been soy braised and is served with a vinegary daikon dipping sauce that recalls Vietnamese nuoc cham. Also delicious is their chicken curry noodle soup!

This restaurant is well-known for its signature fish dumplings stuffed with an irresistibly delicious combination of pork and seafood. Additionally, they provide vegetarian meals and many nutritious vegetarian-based menu options – an ideal spot for healthy dining options!

Yun Nan Flavour Garden

Yun Nan Flavour Garden is a hidden gem with its cafeteria-like feel (with help-yourself tubs of metal spoons and black chopsticks on each table) but still serves some of NYC’s best Chinese cuisine. Patrons especially appreciate guoqiao mixing, also known as crossing-the-bridge noodles – their soft rice noodles get their distinctive sweet potato-starch-infused flavor, which keeps their bounce no matter how long they cook in the broth.

Cold-pressed oil-roasted pork is an exceptional dish, pairing fatty richness with freshness for an unforgettable lunch or dinner experience. Or, for something lighter, try the steamed pork and chive dumplings; with such an extensive menu selection, there’s sure to be something suitable for any appetite and budget!

Farmers Restaurant

Farmers Restaurant was created with the idea that sharing profits with farmer partners would increase on-farm incomes and foster an equitable food system, prompting other restaurants to reevaluate their sourcing practices and change accordingly. This pioneering venture paved the way for more equitable food systems, inspiring other restaurants to reconsider their sourcing practices.

This casual dining establishment provides a relaxed dining atmosphere and offers an impressive variety of menu items, with no-contact delivery of comforting, healthy options and small plates perfect for sharing.

Just blocks from the White House, this restaurant, owned and run by farmers, has served its community since 2008. They aim to encourage other restaurants to adopt their model while advocating for independent family farmers.

Yan Liang

Yan Liang was one of Yuan Shao’s greatest generals during the Later Eastern Han Dynasty and Early Three Kingdoms period, serving as part of his army alongside Wen Chou. This novel series called Romance of the Three Kingdoms chronicles this character.

Chapter 25 shows Yan Liang being sent as commander of a vanguard force against Baima. After scouting out enemy lines and seeing Song Xian approach, he quickly rode out to engage him, killing him after only three bouts. Wei Xu then came out against Yan Liang but was defeated after twenty, demoralizing Cao Cao’s army and helping to demoralize it even more.

Yan Liang is a fast and agile warrior known to employ an elegantly curved sword with an extended chain in its pommel to extend his attacks and can resurrect himself after death.