The Best Harness For French Bulldogs


French Bulldogs can easily escape from collars and harnesses that are too loose, mainly if they pull. Furthermore, tight collars or harnesses may become uncomfortable, cause chafing, or restrict breathing if worn too closely – potentially leading to escape attempts and limiting their breathing capacity.

The Embark harness is easy to use and designed to evenly disperse pulling forces across your dog’s neck and chest. Plus, there’s a clear sizing guide to find an exact fit.


Frenchies tend to pull at their leashes and take off at any opportunity, so harnesses are a great way to provide better control while not placing strain on their neck or spine. Some of the top harnesses for Frenchies feature padded straps to reduce any risk of chaffing, while some even feature reflective material to increase visibility and provide visibility.

Make sure that the harness you choose for your French Bulldog fits correctly – too large could slip off over their head or get caught under their front legs, and too small could pinch the skin and be uncomfortable for them – for optimal results, measure your dog and compare these measurements against the size chart provided by their manufacturer.

The ideal French Bulldog harness will feature a back clip and D-rings on both sides of the chest to allow maximum flexibility. This makes them more accessible than single-point harnesses that only attach at one point; some even find them more accessible than collars! However, excessive use may lead to overtraining and discomfort for your pet.

One great feature of some harnesses is their ability to tighten as your dog pulls, helping discourage pulling behavior and serve as an invaluable training aid. However, this kind of harness must be used responsibly; otherwise, it could cause pain and distress for your pet and worsen its pulling behavior. Some designs focus pressure solely on one point, which could cause pinching or irritation of the chest (particularly under the front legs).

This harness is particularly helpful for brachycephalic breeds like Frenchies who suffer from Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS). BOAS restricts their breathing, making even mild exercise challenging, making the Health Harness specially designed to assist these pets in breathing easier when walking.


A harness must be durable to withstand your French Bulldog’s active playing and exploration, so select one made from a high-quality material like nylon or leather, as it will stand up better to weather conditions. Also, ensure the straps are breathable and comfortable if walking your pet in warm temperatures.

Frenchies susceptible to neck injuries will benefit from wearing a padded harness with multiple attachment points to reduce risk. Such saddles also include front clips to discourage pulling, which could pose problems when walking with Frenchies who tend to lunge when on leash.

An important consideration when selecting the appropriate harness size for your Frenchie is getting one that fits appropriately based on size and shape. This is particularly essential if using it as part of leash-pulling training; otherwise, it could cause discomfort to them as well as lead to health complications down the line.

When measuring for a harness, take measurements from the broadest part of the chest rather than the neck circumference for more accurate results and ensure the harness fits securely. For best results, always measure your dog while standing up – so they don’t lie down or sit during this process!

Once you’ve found the ideal harness for your Frenchie, it must stay clean and in good condition. One way is to regularly wash it with mild detergent or dog shampoo in cool water; you could also try deodorizer spray to freshen up its appearance and eliminate odors.

If you walk your French Bulldog at night, purchasing a harness equipped with reflective strips or stitching for maximum visibility in low light conditions and reduced risk is also wise. Alternatively, add brightly colored reflective tape or stickers onto their existing collar to increase their visibility and stay visible to other pedestrians and motorists.


As many pet owners are familiar with using collars for their dogs, harnesses offer an ideal alternative that’s safer and provides improved control when walking or running your canine companion. Harnesses are strong garments worn over a dog’s chest and belly area that attach to their leash, providing much stronger control when walking or running a canine – particularly excitable breeds such as French Bulldogs! Using one can also help avoid instances when their pup pulls or jumps excessively while out and about on an outing!

When purchasing a harness for your French Bulldog, make sure its straps do not restrict his movements too tightly, or it may cause discomfort. Be sure to measure your puppy’s neck and chest circumference and check a size guide before making your purchase decision.

This harness comes in various sizes to fit French Bulldogs perfectly, from its comfortable chest padded strap and easy v-ring attachment method on the back to its 100% satisfaction guarantee by exchanging or returning your money. The Embark Company guarantees your satisfaction by replacing it or refunding your money!

This harness features a breathable mesh lining for ultimate comfort for your pup, with two quick-release buckles and neck adjustment capability for dogs that fall between sizes. Perfect for training French Bulldogs not to pull on leashes without choking, this harness also discourages pulling without risking choke-hold injuries.

This harness is ideal for owners with active Frenchies looking for something durable enough to withstand daily use, featuring a front clip designed to withstand pulling. Its easy put-on method makes this an excellent option for dogs that struggle with traditional harnesses that need to be pulled over their heads!

One downside of this harness may be heat retention, which may become an issue during warmer climates or for dogs who tend to overheat more easily. However, its comfortable padding material makes this harness suitable for all age groups of dogs.


Frenchies are widely recognized for their unique features: bat-like ears, flat faces, and stocky builds. But Frenchies also present specific health challenges for owners to be mindful of; one risk is their susceptibility to chafing. To prevent this, find a harness with ample padding in its neck and chest areas to protect the dog’s skin during walks without digging in too far or digging up their fur too hard.

An essential consideration in selecting a harness for your French Bulldog should be its strength. A quality model should withstand 250% pulling force without stretching or being stretched and feature strong stitching. Be sure to read manufacturer guidelines and carefully measure each model. One that fits too small could easily slip off during pulling, while one too large may stretch or pinch your dog’s neck and chest area.

A superior French Bulldog harness will feature padding at its neck and chest to avoid chaffing, easy put-on/take-off use, breathable material construction, and quick-release buckles for quick on/take-off use. Furthermore, this quality harness will stop pulling while giving more control to its owner over his pet.

To ensure the perfect fit of a new harness for your French Bulldog, take neck and chest measurements using a soft tape measure. Measurements should be taken from around the broadest part of their neck just below where their collar rests; to measure their chest, measure just behind his or her front legs and add several inches for growth and flexibility when selecting an appropriate size harness for them.

Many models of harnesses provide multiple leash attachment points on either the back or chest for ease of use, depending on whether your French Bulldog pulls. Tackles with back leash attachment points might be better for French Bulldog pullers as they distribute pressure across their chest and back instead of concentrating it around their throat as collars do; however, many people might prefer front clip harnesses because it gives more control of their pup during walks or training sessions.