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Vans and Converse are two shoe brands that have sparked one of the greatest debates on which one is the best. Though these brands have become many people’s preferred casual wear, their initial purpose was rather different. Paul Van Doren created the vans originally as skater shoes. Whilst the converse was created by Marquise Mills Converse as an athletic shoe. When it comes to which one is the best, read out the comparison below and decide for yourself.


vans vs converse

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The sneaker has two styles, the high cut, and the low cut. It is available in different patterns and a wide variety of colors to match your preferred style.


  • The converse is more versatile and allows the mixing of styles to achieve the desired outcome. The most preferred combination is wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt. For ladies, it also comes out great with a mini skirt or a sundress.
  • The converse is unmatched when it comes to patterns and styles available for selection. The choice is between the high tops and the low tops which are available in every color and numerous variety of patterns and designs. The converse team is constantly creating and releasing new designs constantly.
  • The rough canvas is strong making the converse sneaker more durable compared to the vans.


  • The converse sneakers have a narrow foot design. Whilst this is not a problem for many, those with wider feet may experience discomfort when wearing converse shoes.
  • The converse is made of tough canvas. This material is quite difficult to clean. It requires a lot more effort to clean compared to other types of shoes.


vans vs converse

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These are the classic skater shoes that have found their way both in casual and sportswear. The brand has a wide variety of shoes with different designs, colors, and textures.


  • For those who are involved in the intense movement, the vans are the ideal shoes. They have a wider foot design which is less restrictive compared to the converse sneakers. As such they are great for those who move around a lot or those who travel long distances. The rubber sole provides a non-slip grip that enhances your balance.
  • They are also more comfortable than the converse making them ideal for long-term wear. The thinner fabric provides extra comfort decreasing the chances of developing blisters.


  • The thin fabric which provides extra comfort is also another source of disadvantage as it wears out more easily and quickly compared to the canvas of the converse.
  • It does not have the same arch support as that provided by the converse and as such, it might feel weird for first-time users.
  • The vans are less versatile and the mixing and styling with your wardrobe are very limited. Also because of their distinct style they might not fit well with everyone’s style.

Preferred styling

Despite the differences between these two brands they have often worn the same style. The most common being wearing skinny jeans and a t-shirt.


Which brand is better, vans or converse?

The best brand is whichever you have decided. Both brands have their pros and cons which makes one superior to the other in different aspects. Despite their differences, the vans and the converse are good brands that are definitely worth their value.

Between vans and converse which one is more durable?

Converse sneakers are more durable as they are made from a rougher and thicker canvas. Vans are also durable but their lifespan is shorter than that of a converse.


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