The Family Law Expertise of Angela Wilson-Goodman


When involved in a family law case, you want an experienced attorney on your side. Not only does Angela Wilson-Goodman have 20 years of experience with family law, she also has other traits that are needed when looking for the right attorney.


A Caring Attorney: Angela Wilson-Goodman

Of course, you want an attorney that is going to build a winning strategy for a successful case. But you also want an attorney that genuinely cares to fight for the best outcome for their client. This is where Angela Wilson-Goodman comes in. Angela is attentive and is there to answer any questions clients have during a difficult family law case. 


An Experienced Attorney: Angela Wilson-Goodman

On top of caring about her clients, Angela has the experience and knowledge to create a winning strategy for her family law clients. She graduated from the University of New Mexico and then went on to pursue a law degree at Arizona State University. 


After starting her own firm in 1997, her firm now has two locations in Arizona. With a strong team behind her, Angela Wilson-Goodman and her law firm are there to handle even the most complex family law cases. 


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