The Guy-In-The-Chair: 10 of Popular Fiction’s Best Sidekicks

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The guy in the chair. Every hero needs one. A lot of them have one. Most people see them as sidekicks, but to the protagonists of the story, they are a crucial part of all their missions’ success. ;

We’re counting down the best guys-in-the-chair in popular fiction in the past few decades. ;

10 of the Best Guys-in-the-Chair in Popular Fiction

10. Hal “Otacon” Emmerich
Metal Gear Solid
First on our list is Otacon, the one who Solid Snake constantly calls on the phone for help and assistance. Even though Solid Snake’s reputation grew to legendary proportions, he will tell you that his real hero is the nerd on the other side of the radio. His brilliance in robotics, weapons upgrades, and hacking has proven to be one of Snake’s greatest assets on the field. ;

9. Kato
The Green Hornet
Even though Britt Reid, a.k.a. The Green Hornet, is the main protagonist in this lore, we all know Kato really saves the day. Kato’s role in their crime-fighting spree may be reduced to a chauffeur and sidekick but make no mistake, he has saved Reid’s neck and secured their missions’ successes on numerous occasions. In fact, the running joke in the fans’ community is Kato is the real hero of the show and series. ;

8. Bruce Wayne
Batman Beyond
Yes, you read that right. The Bat himself is one of our top picks in this category. However, we’re talking about Old Man Bruce in a different timeline, where he can no longer physically perform his duties as the Dark Knight. Instead, he has chosen a younger hero in the person of Terry McGinnis to be his arms and legs while he sits in front of his massive high-tech computer surveillance set-up and gives the new Batman what he needs to win. ;

7. Team Flash
WB’s The Flash
This time, we have an entire team of guys-in-the-chair to assist the Scarlet Speedster in his quest to keep Central City free of crime and menace brought by metahumans. Operating out of S.T.A.R. Labs are Cisco Ramon, Dr. Caitlin Snow, Dr. Harrison Wells, and Detective Joe West. ;

6. Shuri
MCU’s Black Panther
Shuri is not just another Wakandan royalty. There’s more to her than meets the eye. And she proves that by spending time in her lab coming up with all sorts of cool inventions for her brother, T’Challa, a.k.a The Black Panther, to use on his missions. She is also quite a formidable fighter and can stand her own against some of the MCU’s greatest threats. ;

5. Felicity Smoak
WB’s Arrow
Computer whiz and all-around techie Felicity Smoak first lent her extensive knowledge and expertise to Queen Consolidated before she was drafted as Oliver Queen’s alter-ego’s girl-in-the-chair. What was once a quirky gal from the geek department became the field commander for a squad of vigilantes in Star City. ;

4. Alfred Pennyworth
Alfred serves not just like Bruce Wayne’s butler and surrogate parent. When Master Bruce is out fighting crime, Alfred takes over the Bat Cave and does whatever the Dark Knight requires to succeed in his missions and come back home in one piece. And whether Bruce likes it or not, Alfred is also his conscience that keeps his moral compass in the right bearings. ;

3. Jarvis
MCU’s Iron Man
What’s better than having a guy-in-the-chair in front of a computer feeding you with all sorts of information to help you fight crime and keep the world safe from evil? Well, how about having an actual computer be your guy-in-the-chair? Yes, J.A.R.V.I.S., short for Just A Rather Very Intelligent System, was Tony Stark’s user-interface computer system that helped him on his missions. ;

2. Ned Leeds
MCU’s Spider-Man: Homecoming
The classic Spider-Man older folks grew up with never had a sidekick and has always been a lone wolf. The MCU changed that with Spider-Man: Homecoming when they gave him his equally genius pal, Ned Leeds, who doesn’t just know how to build a gaming PC or assemble a Lego Deathstar but also tinker with the Spider Suit that Tony Stark gave Peter Parker to wear and bypass the Training Wheels Protocol. Not only is Ned ultra-smart, but he’s also ultra-loyal to Peter. ;

Honorable Mentions
Before we go to our top guy-in-the-chair, here are five honorable mentions: ;

Wong (MCU’s Dr. Strange)
One-name wonder Wong (just like Adele and Beyonce) is one of Dr. Strange’s most trusted allies and closest confidantes. His wit and courage make him a great partner to the Sorcerer Supreme. ;

K.I.T.T. (Knight Rider)
The beloved car from the ‘80s TV show is the only car to make it to this list because there’s just no other car in the world quite as effective and lovable as this crime-fighting T-Top. ;

Oracle (DC Comics’ BatmanNightwing, and Birds of Prey)
Her injury may have cost her mantle as Bat-Girl, but Barbara Gordon did not give up her desire to fight crime but instead chose to help feed information and give her input and advice that are crucial in keeping Gotham City safe. ;

Luther Stickell (Mission Impossible Movies)
No matter how great Ethan Hunt is, he still needs a good stand-up guy like Luther to have his back in all his seemingly impossible missions. Luther is the one that helps make all these missions possible. ;

And for our number one pick… ;

MCU’s Ant-Man
The Marvel Cinematic Universe hit a gold mine when they introduced Luis in 2015’s Ant-Man. He was an instant hit, especially with his storytelling skills. But Luis isn’t just an entertaining storyteller; he’s also a very effective and efficient (and most importantly, hilarious) second-man to Scott Lang. Our only beef is he should be utilized more in the MCU. We can’t get enough of him! ;

Do you agree with this list? Who do you think we missed? Tell us who your favorite guy-in-the-chair is in the comments section. We’d love to find out who you’re rooting for.

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