The History Of Pinky Rings


The rings are classified on many bases when it comes to the rings. You can find different rings such as wedding rings, engagement rings, promise rings, and whatnot. In this vast range of rings, you can find rings called the “Pinky Rings”. 

As the name suggests, the pinky rings are worn on the pinky fingers that are the fifth and the smallest finger on the hand. The name pinky fingers come from the Dutch word “pink,” whose literal meaning is the little finger. 

The pinky rings have gotten a lot of fame in the past couple of years, and now you will see plenty of men and women wearing and styling them with their outfits. Suppose you are also curious about how these pinky rings originated, the history of these pinky rings, and also the significance behind these rings. In that case, this article has every detail regarding this ring. 

The History of Pinky Rings: 

The pinky rings are not something new in the market; the concept of pinky fingers has a profound history. According to historical books and articles, both men and women wore pinky fingers in the Greek and French communities. These pinky rings are also seen in many other civilizations, but in every culture, the pinky rings signify different things. 

Meaning of Wearing Pinky Rings:

In earlier times, the pinky finger was considered the powerful finger among the other fingers. Therefore to refuel it and enhance the power of this finger, the rings with different stones were worn. 

Other than that, in England, the men wore these pinky rings on their left hand as a sign. This sign displays that this particular person is not interested in marriage. The royal families of England have worn these pinky rings for centuries now. Prince Charles also wore this ring on the grand occasion of the wedding.

In Canada and America, the pinky rings are given to fresh graduates and engineers to reward their excellent academic performances. In North America, the pinky finger is given to the engineers, doctors, and other professionals as a symbol that they will remain true and loyal to their profession. 

Further, the gay community adopted this concept, and they wear pinky rings to show their identity and convey the message about their homosexuality. 

Modern Concept of Pinky Rings: 

In the 20th century, pinky rings were used as a fashion statement and fashion piece. Nowadays, it is an expression of freedom and style. In America, people still follow the England tradition of wearing the signet ring of the pinky ring on the left finger as a statement piece. 

In America, the Mafia members or the gangsters use this jewelry item to show their affiliation with specific organizations. Because of this, many people still think that the pinky rings are related to something negative. 

How to find the Perfect Pinky Ring: 

After learning all the details about the pinky ring, are you also thinking of getting one of these fantastic pieces? Following are a few steps that will assist you in finding the pinky ring for yourself or someone as a gift. 

1. Get a perfect size: 

The first and the most crucial step is to get the ideal size. No one likes a loose or very tight ring that is not at all comfortable to wear. Therefore, take proper measurements before going out in the market and getting your pinky ring. 

2. Selecting the Metal: 

There are myriad metals available in the jeweler shop when you purchase the ring. Generally, the gold pinky ring is the most common and classic choice. However, there are many other options, such as silver or platinum. If you are thinking of getting a platinum pinky ring, then you might have to spend a few extra dollars for it. 

3. Choosing the Gemstones:

Another thing you need to choose is the gemstone for the rings. Similar to metal, you will find a wide variety of gemstones. But when you are picking the gemstone for the ring, ensure that you are choosing the durable and long-lasting ones. Gems like onyx, tanzanite, and a few others are very soft; hence get scratched easily. The rugged and durable gemstones such as the ruby, sapphire, and, of course, a diamond can be the best gems to be used in the pinky rings. 

4. Color of Rings: 

You also need to decide the color of the pinky rings. There are myriad shades and colors to choose from, but some are trendy and commonly used, such as golden, rose gold, silver, or gray. These look extremely elegant and do not look wired when you wear them. You can also opt for other colors according to your preferences. 

5. Different styles of the Pinky Rings: 

The next thing that you need to choose is the style of the pinky rings. There are several different styles of rings that you can choose from. A few of them are mentioned below. 

Pave Pinky Rings: 

Pave pinky rings are the best and the most beautiful style of it. The stones are arranged so beautifully that their brilliance and the ring’s sparkle are eye-catching. It is a classic style of pinky ring that any stone of your liking can achieve. 

Signet Pinky Rings: 

The signet pinky rings allow you to add your personal touches to the ring; you can design your initial, monogram, or any other creative thing. Hence these are very popular as they allow you to create anything you like on the pinky rings. 

Solitaire Pinky Rings: 

If you are trying to look for something simple, then solitaire pinky rings can be your choice. You only have to add one stone to it, and it will look gorgeous and become the center of attention. 

There are many other styles available in the market for the pinky rings, but these few are the classic and the most loved styles. 

Why you should get a Pinky Ring: 

Pinky rings are cute and elegant pieces of jewelry that you can add to your collection. Not many men and women are familiar with this idea of wearing pinky rings, so if you are styling these rings, it will set you apart from other people. Hence, the pinky rings are the safest and the best idea if you want to experiment with something new.