The Instagram Marketing Playbook


With the advent of Instagram, online photo sharing received a significant societal boost. More than 80 million people worldwide use Instagram to share and like images modified with various filters and other effects before being seen by friends and followers. What is the best way to buy instagram followers Australia?

Companies may use this emerging social media platform to promote their products and services and attract a dedicated customer base. People are quickly bonded to powerful visual imagery; therefore, sharing photos of your products or even personnel is a great way to do that. In addition, brand loyalty can be strengthened through this method of advertising.

So, how can you best promote your company on Instagram? Some instances are as follows:


With Instagram’s newest upgrade, users may add geotags to their photos, which are then stored in a virtual photo album. This is something you can give to your supporters.

This is a fantastic resource if you have a storefront or office, or if your business takes you throughout town or the country. Snap a picture at one of your booths at a local craft fair or another vendor event, and use the location tag to let your followers know where to find you.

Insider’s View

Sharing is central to the concept of social media. Make an effort to connect with your fans and followers on a more individual level in return for the opportunity they’ve given you. Document the office crew by snapping photos. Pictures of the finished product to whet their appetites. Take shots of the scenery as you travel. Share authentic behind-the-scenes content with your fans to make them feel more invested in the brand.

Tag Your Posts

Hashtags are a powerful sharing tool, as any Twitter user would attest. The same effect may be achieved in your Instagram pictures. Make it simple for others to locate you using hashtags pertaining to your business or industry. Use #rings, #customjewelry, and #necklaces if you produce jewelry, for instance. Find trending hashtags being used by brands comparable to yours, and start including them in your posts.

Activate User-Generated Media

You should ask customers who already use your items to take a picture of themselves and use one of your hashtags to promote your brand. This will demonstrate customer satisfaction with your business and the ease with which its items may be used.

Create Contests

Instagram photo contests are a fun and creative method to allow users to win the goods they want. For example, you can hold a contest where customers send photos of themselves using your product and then pick a winner. Another option is to have them send an image depicting a more nebulous concept, like their idea of summer.

Instagram contests can be created in various ways to showcase users’ creativity and attract new followers. Of course, if your followers are having a good time, they’ll want to tell their friends about it.

Promote Your Occasions

Take images at the convention or trade fair you’re attending and tag them with your location so your followers can see what’s happening with your company. Take a picture of your flier advertising a large offer to share with your followers. You may make your Instagram followers feel extra special by giving them access to a special deal. Try some new things with them.

For roughly $1 billion, Facebook purchased Instagram. That’s definitive proof that this feature is crucial to the functioning of social media. IAs a result, it’s a powerful asset to have when developing a marketing plan.

People enjoy helping and giving to organizations they have a positive experience with. To increase your visibility and boost brand recognition, join the age of sharing and use your camera more often.

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