The Optimization of Logistics Network: Crucial Aspects


Being a successful logistics broker is not an easy job. It’s not enough to transport cargo from one point to another. It’s necessary to satisfy even the most demanding clients and fulfill orders of copious customers. Moreover, with the development of retail businesses, it becomes crucial to optimize logistics networks. There are several reasons for that:

  • You can gain your usual customers.

If you are not able to meet the needs of your usual clients, you risk losing them. The thing is the competition is rather tough. If business owners are not able to get the needed options at your firm, they can find alternatives in no time.

  • It’s a good way to attract a new audience.

Optimization allows you to get as many new customers as possible. If you change routes or add new options, you are to get new orders. If you do not develop your freight forwarding company, it’s impossible to attract a new audience.

  • You are to get more profits.

One of the simplest rules of the logistics industry sounds like this “The more orders you have, the more profits you get”.

  • It’s possible to avoid potential losses.

If something goes wrong and outdated methods do not work, it’s impossible to avoid losses. If you want to get rid of such losses, the only solution is to alter the methods you work with.

Sooner or later, all the freight shipping companies face the necessity to optimize their logistics networks. It’s possible to do in several ways. The most effective of them are the following:

  • Defining clear goals of the optimization.

Before you start adding alterations to the model of your logistics firm, it’s necessary to define what you want exactly. For someone, it’s necessary to broaden the set of available options. Others want to increase the level of satisfaction of their existing customers. All the freight forwarders definitely want to get more money.

  • Gathering and defining data.

The next essential step is to gather, analyze, and process all the needed information. It means you have to study the competitors carefully. It’s also necessary to understand what’s going on in the business world. If you have no experience in working with data, it’s better to entrust this task to professionals.

  • Customization of the process is a must.

Every client believes that he or she is unique and requires exceptional treatment. Successful shipping agencies should be able to adjust to the needs and desires of the buyers of their services. Only large forwarders are able to cover a wide range of orders. The greater part of agencies has a definite specialization.

    • Assessing network alternatives.

Whether you like it or not but every industry has a tendency to change its major peculiarities. Thus, if a couple of years ago, a full truckload option was an indisputable leader in the market.  Nowadays small retail firms are flourishing. It goes without saying that the LTL service is becoming more popular and trendiest. You should not be afraid of transformations.

  • Hiring top professionals.

Many owners of transportation agencies make one and the same mistake. They tend to save money. The best way to reduce costs is to save on workers. Yet, the consequences of such a choice are catastrophic.

Modern shipping firms suffer from a lack of good drivers. Thus, clients are not able to receive their cargo when they need it. The expedited shipping is out of the question. During the optimization, it’s possible to pick up new modes of transportation. You do not need to worry that you make the wrong choice while it’s always possible to make further alterations.

  • Implementation of innovative technologies.

Nowadays it’s impossible to meet the needs of the contemporary logistics industry without the use of innovative technologies. One of the best trends is the automatization of the transportation processes. Bots and robots are able to pack items in no time. Inventory management becomes easier and more convenient. Moreover, they allow avoiding common human mistakes.

To sum it up, it should be noticed that logistics network optimization is a rather complicated, time-consuming, and intricate process. You should be ready to face various difficulties and solve possible problems. Yet, with the help of competent logistics brokers, it’s possible to cope with all the issues. Thus, it’s necessary to choose your 3PL partners carefully.