The Sneakys Menu


The Sneaky menu has everything you can imagine: it is messy, saucy, and greasy. What’s more, it is not cheap. If you order a burger, you should be prepared for some mess. The burger is probably not the best choice for those with a low-calorie intake.

Sneaky Pete’s Chicken

Sneaky Pete’s Chicken is an excellent place for a quick chicken sandwich. You’ll find their chicken breast sandwich wrapped in a soft tortilla. You can choose from wide different varieties, including the famous Chicken Salad. You can also order a Tuna Salad with lettuce and mayonnaise. Sneaky Pete’s Chicken Dippin’ Sauce is also available. A full menu is available online.

The original Sneaky Pete’s opened in 1966. Besides chicken sandwiches, you can get classics like hamburgers, subs, wraps, and breakfast foods. The menu also has a variety of hot dog options, including the “Sneky Pete with beef,” the “Famous Chili Slaw Dog,” and the “Junkyard Dog.”


Food History reveals how restaurants came to have menus. Before 1900, it was common to find no menu, and diners were often forced to settle for whatever was on hand in the kitchen. The advent of the written menu changed all that. The menu was no longer only a guide to what to order; it was also a way for restaurants to be more creative. In the process, some sneaky restaurant practices were developed.


Sneaky Chicken was founded in 1979 by brothers Rick and Dave Ferris. It had more of a bar and restaurant atmosphere during its early years, but when the brothers started having children, they decided to change it up and make it a family-friendly establishment. Since then, the restaurant has been serving tens of thousands of customers.


Sneakys Chicken is a fast-casual restaurant that serves delicious fried chicken and a variety of sides, including coleslaw and pork. The restaurant is known for its friendly and helpful staff, affordable prices, and modern decor. You can check out the menu on the restaurant’s website to see what you can order at each location.

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