The Top 3 Competitors of Stitch Fix

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Competitors of stitch fix – Before we get to the competitors of stitch fix, let’s get a little summary of stitch fix and its history.

Stitch Fix, which was founded in 2011 as “Rack Habit” by Katrina Lake and Erin Morrison Flynn, is now a publicly-traded company that delivers “truly personalized” curated clothing boxes to more than 3.8 million active customers using a combination of data science and personal touches by more than 5,600 stylists.

Begin by completing a style survey and purchasing your first package or “Fix.” Following that, you will receive a bespoke package of clothing based on an online personal stylist’s selection of your style and fit preferences.

Each Fix costs $20, which is deducted from the price of any item you keep.

Continue reading if you appreciate the concept of Stitch Fix but are seeking alternatives. Several firms, such as Stitch Fix, provide customized clothing items to try on at home via online personal stylists.


Wantable is a personal style service that selects customized apparel for both men and women. Women can choose between a “style edit” for work and casual apparel and an “activewear edit” for athleisure gear. Activewear boxes are exclusively available to men.

“Partner[s] with hundreds of top brands including Hudson, Cupcakes & Cashmere, Kensie, Kut from the Kloth, Lyssé, Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Wear it to Heart, Rhone, and Alternative Apparel,” according to the business.

Wantable, like Stitch Fix, brands itself as “clever but with a heart” and blends data science with online personal stylists to give tailored apparel options to women and men.

Wantable’s Men’s Edit Buyer, Eric Fatke, informed me that the brand is proud of its great staff of experienced stylists. Wantable’s stylists handpick goods for each box that is distributed.

He emphasizes that each Edit is customized for a single consumer. He noted that each package carries a handwritten statement about the selections as well as stylistic recommendations.

Other advantages? “Other subscription firms deliver 5 goods in a package, but we send 7,” Eric explained.

Wantable also offers an additional 20% off if you retain 5 or more things. (“You can stack the discounts on some brands that don’t go on sale very often!”) Eric stated.)

Wantable clients, like Stitch Fix subscribers, can opt to automatically subscribe to fresh “edits” at regular intervals or to get shipments on-demand.

Menlo Club

Menlo Club is a curated subscription shopping service for men launched by the Five Four Group, which includes the luxury menswear brands Five Four, New Republic, Grand Running Club, and Melrose Place.

In 2002, Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy, who met at USC, co-founded the Five Four Group. The two collaborated with chief designer Mark McNairy to create accessible and approachable men’s apparel.

Guys may choose between a $60 monthly membership and a $75 package each season. (According to the Menlo House website, seasonal boxes are normally delivered out around three months apart.)

The box will include “a handpicked package of gear from Five Four, New Republic, Grand Running Club, or Melrose Place.” Unlike Stitch Fix, which distributes around 5 things every delivery, Menlo Club sends approximately 2 items per shipment on average.

Daily Look

Daily Look, founded in 1998 by Brian Ree, is a subscription personal styling service for women like Stitch Fix. It’s amazing and unique.


What distinguishes Stitch Fix?

The competitors of Stitch Fix are working hard to get to their level, but essentially, Stitch Fix removes the customer’s decision-making process while still providing them with a selection of apparel and accessories that they would have picked themselves.

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