This is how the FC Dallas Was Born

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One of the oldest clubs in the MLS, FC Dallas is one of the top teams in Texas these days, particularly after winning the Copa Tejas last season.

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Today, we will bring you a little more about this team and its history. To prepare this content, we enlisted the help of expert Kate Richardson. If you want to know more about Kate’s work, just click here.

Let’s get to know the Dallas Texas soccer club team.


Founded in 1995, the Dallas soccer team was first called the Dallas Burn. And it stayed that way until 2004, when they decided to change the name of the club to FC Dallas.

The main reason for this change was because the team wanted to be known specifically for football, since from the following year they would play in a stadium made for that. The name change had an effect, as most of FC Dallas soccer’s good campaigns came after 2004.

Dallas and Latin Players

Texas and Mexico have an old connection, no wonder many asked where the Mexico soccer team was staying in Dallas when there was news that the country’s team would play on American soil, but other “Latinos” also are part of their history.

And FC Dallas has had a number of Latins over the years. On April 14, 1996, when the Dallas Burn played the San Jose Clash in the first game in the history of the franchise now known as FC Dallas, the captain’s ribbon was worn by Colombian midfielder Leonel Alvarez.

Álvarez was 31 years old, and despite being a renowned footballer, a World Cup player in 1990 and 1994, he had no connection with the city, much less with the club.

In fact, he had signed directly with MLS, which in turn had assigned him along with Mexican star Hugo Sanchez to the Dallas Burn. Twenty years later, and also in a match against San Jose on April 17, the bracelet was worn by 24-year-old Mexican VIctor Ulloa. He is the first player raised in the lower divisions of the team to be appointed captain of the first team.

The comparison contains what has been the history of the franchise in these 20 years and the turn it has taken to become one of the main references in the formation of soccer talent in the country.

Their Home Stadium

The Dallas team has played its home games in three stadiums:

  • Cotton bowl
  • Dragon Stadium
  • Toyota Stadium

The Cotton Bowl, located in Dallas, was the club’s first stadium and they stayed there until the name change, which took place in the 2005 season. It was then that they started playing at Toyota Stadium, where they still play their home games. Despite this, in the 2003 season, the team played year-round at Dragon Stadium due to the little money they had at the time. That was an attempt to protect their finances.

Public at their home games

Despite the fact that in that first game against San José in 1996 more than 27,000 people entered the Cotton Bowl and in that first season they averaged 16,011 people per date, the team has had historical problems filling the stands.

Last year they averaged 16,015 fans. Only the Chicago Fire had fewer people. Among those who remain to be seduced, the Latino community stands out. A fundamental part of the fan base that was expected to be created in 1996 was with hiring’s such as “Hugo” Sánchez. But that didn’t happen much.

Connection with the Hispanic fans

For FC Dallas announcer Carlos Alvarado, Hispanics resented the move to Frisco, away from the more Latino areas of the city, which have many soccer stores in Dallas.

However, Hispanics can be seen in the corridors of the Toyota Stadium, where even one of the bars bears the name of El Matador, and songs are sung in Spanish. But Hunt acknowledges that the organization needs to get closer to Hispanics.

“It’s something we’re going to have to work on,” he says without specifying. “There is an element that that fan base brings to games, that passion, and I would like nothing more than to see that in the stadium.”

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Titles and Curious Facts

The number of MLS championships hasn’t changed either: zero. The only important achievements were the US Open Cup achieved in 1997 and also in 2016.

Apart from that, they were also able to win the Supporters’ Shield in 2016. Their most recent title is the Copa Tejas, which is only among the teams of the state, and they won it last season.

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