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Tom Sushi review – If you are a food lover and staying in Canada, we have a brilliant suggestion for you. A perfect restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine, Tom sushi restaurant. Tom sushi restaurant is one of the best restaurants for Japanese cuisine. It gave us the right to describe more about it in Tom Sushi Review.

Tom sushi restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Canada. The quality and taste of the sushi are mouth-watering. Therefore, it gave us the right for a comprehensive description in Tom Sushi Review.


Before going into deep roots, we have the right to know how all it started. There must be an incredible person behind the initiation of the spectacular restaurant name tom sushi. In 2019, Chef Tom Jeon fulfilled his dream of opening his Japanese restaurant. Chef Tom’s obsessive attention to detail reflects his dedication to culinary excellence and excellent customer service. Join a renowned chef as he meticulously prepares each dish.

Chef Tom Jeon is now making sushi for over a decade, honing his technique and expanding his best classical Japanese cuisine.


Tom Sushi, a Korean-owned Japanese restaurant, was recently ranked second on Yelp’s list of Canada’s top 100 restaurants.

On Davie Lane, Tom Sushi is a secret treasure. The interior of Tom Sushi is new and modern. It’s light and airy, because of the wide front window. Except on weekdays, they are still crowded. It can be troublesome to decide whether to order from the vast menu.

Tom Sushi offers quality Japanese seafood at a reasonable price. Chef Tom can import the freshest and best produce from all over the world for our menu.

What makes tom sushi so unique?

To create a genuinely unique dining experience, classical Japanese flavors mix with local, west coast elements. Delight your senses with delectable dishes that are both wonderfully arranged and tasty!

Its reasonable prices and high quality make you want to return again and again to try something new on the menu. Tom Sushi’s vast menu is a favorite feature.

The ambiance of Tom sushi

Tom Sushi, located on Davie Street in Downtown Vancouver, offers the same versatility that characterizes the chef’s genuine enthusiasm and warm hospitality.

The ambiance is one of understated beauty, built to make each guest feel at ease. You can Come in and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere of Tom Sushi, where a team ensures to make your stay memorable.

  • Some of the recommendations of dishes from our customers are in Tom Sushi Reviews.
  • The food was delicious the takeout was fast.
  • The Salmon Jalapeno Aburi and the Smoked Dynamite Roll are also highly recommended. The sashimi was also delicious. The fish in the sushi is still fresh and tasty, and all of the ingredients are of the highest quality.
  • The staff is courteous with excellent service.
  • If you’re craving sushi and are near Davie Street, this is the place to go.
  • The Foie Gras Nigiri is our favorite. All is still fine and new, and Tom personally manages the high quality and excellent service.
  • With a combo or a few bits of nigiri, you can keep it easy and basic. You can also treat yourself to a fine meal from the restaurant’s luxury seafood menu, includes the bluefin special.



Hence, you do not require to look anywhere else if you are a sushi lover. Tom sushi is the best quality restaurant. For all of its dishes, Tom’s Sushi uses the freshest ingredients and provides the perfect alternatives. The service is prompt and courteous.

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Who started Tom's sushi restaurant?

Chef Tom Jeon.

Where Tom sushi restaurant located?

Downtown Vancouver.

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